What does he know?!

After a few hours of producing the new, improved (current) final version of The Things We Do for Love over the weekend. I attended the screening on behalf of myself and George (who’s on holiday at the moment).

The organisers were very understanding. They showed the new version I brought along. They also put the lights up before the show for my introduction and after for questions. The audience were kind enough to ask questions too. George and I got laughs, sighs of approval and comments reacting to our wise contributors (‘that’s right!’).

I managed to get a quote too.

Jonathan Barnett, director of The Portobello Film Festival said it was “Life affirming, goodhearted and amusing. A big hit at our festival.

I’ve done a lot of work on making the DVD version, which will include the original 40 minute documentary, production notes and over 30 minutes of bonus footage. The DVD will cost you £8 – with my profits going to Help the Aged.


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