For a limited time my two commercial plugin packs are on sale. They are available at 20% off.

Alex4D Animation Transitions



This pack of 120 transitions can be used to animate whole video clips, images, titles and logos on and off the screen. No need to use keyframes. Choose a few settings and your animation is done. Need to change the timing? Simply change the duration of the transition by dragging in the Final Cut Pro X timeline. No need to change the values and times for keyframes of multiple parameters.

Alex4D Animation Transitions also works in any aspect ratio. As well as traditional 16:9, they can be used to make super-wide animations in a 48:9 aspect ratio or wider. They can also add animation to square and vertical videos used in social media:

Find out more at

Alex4D 360° Effects


This toolkit helps you tell stories with spherical video. Final Cut Pro X 10.4 introduced 360° features. Alex4D 360° Effects makes Final Cut even better.

This pack of effects includes three free plugins that speed up 360° video production.

See the wide range of effects over at

On my main site I have added a new product for Final Cut Pro X editors: VR video effects.

This kit of simple to use effects range from effects that stylise whole spheres of video to those that help viewers notice specific features of the 360° environment. As well as working with spheres of video, they also work with overlays such as logos, pictures and titles.

Duncan Shepherd, LA-based VR editor/project supervisor of major productions such as Paul McCartney’s “Pure McCartney VR” and the Winter Olympics “Trending Gold” says:

Alex4D 360° Effects adds vital parts of the VR toolkit to FCPX’s native abilities. I cannot envisage completing a project without them anymore, a genuine “must have” addition for me.

Alex4D 360° Effects includes three free plugins that can instantly save time in spherical video production.

The pack is divided into six categories: Repeat – to repeat footage and overlays around the sphere, Highlight – to attract attention to specific parts of the environment, Blur – blur parts of your footage and overlays, Stylize – to change the look of whole spheres at a time, Masks – to help overlay areas of 360° content inside other spheres and Flat – to make more of 360° footage used in flat non-spherical videos.

More about Alex4D 360° Effects at

Find out more about Alex4D 360° Effects.

A very few times a year, my plugins are available at 20% off the normal price. Today it means you can get my pack of 120 plugins for Final Cut Pro X for only $39. Please check them out very very soon.

This week I’ve launched my first big plugin pack for Final Cut Pro X. Drop Alex4D Animation Transitions onto titles, images, videos and generators to animate them on or off the screen. Instead of a logo or text just appearing, it can slide, spin, scale or skid on. You can also animate clips off screen.

Try watermarked version or buy now from FxFactory



To find out more – including demo videos and a 32 page manual – please visit

From now on I’ll be posting more regularly on my main blog at

I’ll summarise recent notes from there here on my old blog. To see my latest news, notes and links, bookmark my new place.

November 4: Apple’s October 2013 announcements: What’s in them for editors? The mainstream Mac sites aren’t focussed on looking at Apple announcements from a post production point of view.

November 5: iMovie (2013) and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 – what new features that debuted in the new version of iMovie might appear in a future version of Final Cut Pro.

November 6: Final Cut Pro X 10.1 revealed? iMovie (2013) is an unreleased version of Final Cut Pro X with a consumer UI

November 7: New MacBook Pros and MacPro: 4K at high refresh rates via DisplayPort? – will the fast storage, memory and GPUs in Apple’s newest computers be able to support 4K at higher frame rates?

November 7: iMovie and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 part 3: Scripting and plugins – more on what’s hidden within the new version of iMovie.

November 9: Final Cut Server: December resurrection?

November 14: iCloud collaboration for more Apple applications? – Apple added interesting collaboration features to Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Find out more about features that might one day appear in pro applications from Apple.

November 19: DaVinci Resolve 10 is Final Cut Pro X 10.1 compatible

November 20: Import Final Cut Pro X projects into iMovie using hidden workaround

November 25: iMovie and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 part 4 – including a rundown of accessibility features – which are useful for those who cannot use traditional control devices and those who want to use workflow applications to control Final Cut.

November 26: FCPX Grill – the new Final Cut Pro X podcast – a detailed rundown of the first two episodes of Chris Fenwick’s new podcast.

November 27: The case for a new Apple professional application – musing on how Apple might demonstrate the power of the new Mac Pro sends me off in the direction of wish-fulfillment

When the new Mac Pro was previewed at this year’s WWDC, Apple said it would be great at editing 4K.   4K is the next size up from HD – twice the pixels horizontally and vertically: four times the detail. UHD is the consumer brand name for TVs that can show 3840 by 2160 pixel footage.

Apple also mentioned that a new version of Final Cut Pro X is being prepared to make the most of the new machine. However, Final Cut Pro users have been able to create high resolution timelines since the mid-00s.


Although it has been possible to create 4K timelines for many years, smooth editing of 4K footage requires instant playback of more than one stream of video footage at once. For example if you had clip A transitioning to clip B while clip C is overlaid as a picture in picture, your editing software would have to play back clips A, B and C at the same time – changing the transparency of clips A and B while scaling clip C.

Up until now, there have been two strategies of dealing with high quality video on systems that are too slow: wait for the computer the render the video to a single combined clip which can then be played back, or to make lower quality versions that can be edited without rendering.

What could the next Mac Pro / Final Cut Pro X combination bring to 4K editing? The ability to import 4K clips and to work with them instantly – playing more than one at the same time without having to wait for rendering.

Two problems need to be fixed to make this work – fast enough hardware to decode large amounts of video information and a fast enough connection to the storage to get large amounts of data onto the screen.

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