I like Mondays

Two things to do tomorrow. Visit the screenwriter’s group to support and be supported by other writers. Visit the Manhattan Monologue Slam for a very good value evening out. You’ll see stars of the future put their all into making the most of three minutes on stage.

For more on the Slam, see last month’s post.

For those of you in London, you also have a choice. Between a screenwriters group and a film networking party. Soho Screenwriters meets every Monday in Soho. The evening has three parts. The first part is a lecture on some aspect of screenwriting. Here’s the blurb on tomorrow’s:

A film consists of two stories, one the objective story (plot) the backdrop against which the second hero’s story (the “subjective” story) takes place. The central protagonist at the end of a story will not have the same characterisation that they started with; they must go through a psychological transformation (arc) to achieve their objective goal. This week’s seminar traces the Inner Journey, as are hero deals with the object and subjective obstacles in their way, from the Ghost to the assertion of the Theme.

The second part is made up of pitches and script readings. You can bring your work along, and the group will assess it. The third part is in the pub where the talk goes on until late. The session starts at 7.30 and only costs £4. Very good value. Find out more.

From a weekly event to an annual one (like toothbrush-holesmanship): I’ll be going to the The Talent Circle Super Shorts party. Looks like I’ll have to get some more cards and work up a variety of CVs for the occasion.


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