Exclusive – will NOT be launched by Apple tomorrow

As I have no contacts deep within Ive’s team, I can confirm that the computer below will not be launched by Apple tomorrow.

The ‘best before’ date for this post is tomorrow. Apple have invited journalists to an event featuring new Mac products. They specifically said that the products are not iPod- or iPhone-based. They’ll probably announce a refresh of the iMac for students going back to school.

Being the very happy owner of a 12″ PowerBook, I would love a new computer filling the current gap in Apple’s product line. The 17″ MacBook Pro is powerful. The 13″ MacBook may be lighter and smaller, but it isn’t powerful enough. It also isn’t small enough.

I also edit HD content, some of it with a display resolution of 1920 by 1080. I love my 23″ display.

I like the idea of keyboards that have displays on each key that configure themselves to match the application that is running.

If you combine these things and add some pixie dust, a foldable screen, some amazing heat and power management you get the Alex4D FlatBook.

Alex4D design's Flatbook: a foldable HD display that can be used as a portable computer

This is a quick doodle, imagine the screen-based keyboard showing the Avid Xpress keyboard shortcuts.

I might pay over $2000 for a computer like this. Maybe.


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