60+ Free Downloadable Effects, Transitions and Titles for Final Cut Pro X

All the free plugins I made up until August 2013.

All the effects I’ve made since August 2013 can be found at Alex4D.com

My top two old plugins:

Grow-Shrink – Effect that animates a change in scale for a clip. Will scale a clip up or down over the duration of a clip (including transitions if need be)

Sound Only – Cut only transition that crossfades audio between two clips choosing whether the video cuts before, during or after the crossfade

Tip for older versions of Final Cut Pro: Why does my viewer turn blue when I use your new plugin? – Tip for those using to use newer plugins on versions of Final Cut Pro X older than 10.0.6

If you find my content useful, please consider donating as a sign of your appreciation. Thank you. I’d love to hear how you are using my plugins – links to your work would be great.

Check out my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack – instant animation using transitions:


I also have a pack of essential effects for 360° video editing in Final Cut Pro X: Alex4D 360° Effects:


Effects – Stylize Plugins

Aged Film – More controls and ‘Bad TV’-style rolling

Bad TV – More controls than the Final Cut Pro X version

Blurs – Six blurs and one sharpen effect:
   Channel Blur – Blur combinations of red, blue, green and alpha channels
   Circle Blur – Blur a circular area
   Compound Blur – This blurs the clip based on values from another clip
   Defocus – Simulates the way clips go out of focus when using a physical camera
   Gradient Blur – Applies a blur gradually between two points
   Soft Focus – Overlays the clip on top of a blurred copy: a ‘fogged lens’ effect
   Unsharp Mask – More controls than standard sharpen effect

CMYK Halftone – simulate close up of magazine or newspaper print

Colour effects – 11 colour control effects
   Brightness – Change overall brightness
   Channel Mixer – Combines colour values from red, gree, blue and alpha channels
   Color Balance – Colour wheels for shadows, midtones and highlights
   Color Reduce – Choose two, three or four colours to keep – with option to chang them
   Contrast – Advanced contrast control
   Gamma – Precise brightness and brightness range control
   Gradient Colorize – Choose a channel to map a range of colours onto
   Levels – Map the darkest and brightest channel values to black and white
   OpenEXR Tone Map – Apply tone maps to OpenEXR encoded content
   YIQ Adjust – Adjust values in the YIQ colour space
   YUV Adjust – Adjust values in the YUV colour space

Distorts – Four distort effects
   Black Hole – Sucks clip into a single point
   Bulge – Pushes a clip out from or into a single point
   Circular Zigzag – A ripple distortion
   Twirl – Twists clips

Extrude – Simulated 3D thickness

Light Rays – shine light from behind the clip

Opacity Gradient – Add areas of colour that fade over clips

Random Tile – replace clip with multiple copies of a selected part of the source

Scale Mosaic – Pixellate with control over scale of elements used in each pixel  

Sparks – Adds animated stars and spark particles

Tile – Offset clips, scale, rotate, distort and skew tiles

Effects – Animation Plugins

Curves – Adds Final Cut Pro 7-style animation curve controls
   Curve X – Controls X position
   Curve Y – Controls Y position
   Curve Rotation – Rotate around a point of your choice
   Curve Scale – Scale aroud a point of your choice
   Curve Trim H – Crop the left or right edge of a clip
   Curve Trim V – Crop the top or bottom edge of a clip

Grow-Shrink – Animates a change in scale for a clip

Rotate XYZ – Rotates clips in three dimensions

Rotate + Extrude – Rotates clips in three dimensions and adds simulated 3D thickness

Smooth Move – Defines a start and finish position, scale and rotation for clip content with controls for how the clip moves from start to finish

Effects – Compositing Plugins

4 Up – Display four clips on the same screen, or switch between them

Adjustment Layer – Any effects or transformations you apply to this title will be applied to all timeline clips below

Fade In Out – Fades a clip in and out

Letterbox – Add black bars to show many aspect ratios, portrait was well as landscape – Oct 2012 

Luma Include – Choose which parts of clips are transparent based on brightness values

Magic Lantern HDR – Composition controls for resolving HDR clips generated by Magic Lantern on Canon SLRs – Dec 2012 – New effect for 10.0.6 and newer

Mask+ – Define 4, 8 or 16 points of a mask with animation control over scale, rotate and perspective distortion

Time Remap – More control over clip retiming with Final Cut Pro 7-style editable retiming graph  – New version for 10.0.6 and newer – March 2013

Shadow – Adds external or internal shadows

Trim – With differing values for feathering for each edge

Widescreen Matte – Add black bars to show many aspect ratios, portrait was well as landscape

Generator Plugins

Shape Grid – draw a grid of circles or squares with animating colours

Title Plugins

Basic – Keyframable – A title with many parameters you can animate using keyframes 

Interface 2037 – A title effect that simulates computer interface from ‘Alien’ movie

Leaves  – letters blow onto and off screen 

Text Box – Choose two points to define corners of a text box, fill and blur the box

Ticker+ – Title for horizontally scrolling news feeds 

Zoom Four – Zooms between a series of four texts 

Transition Plugins

Concentric – Draws the incoming clip as a series of concentric shapes

Cross Dissolve start and end on edit – For those missing the Final Cut Pro 7 option of transitions that start or finish at the edit point

Dip to Background – A transition that shows a colour, another clip or transparency between two clips

Freeze – Freezes the outgoing or incoming clip

Inset  – shutters close in on outgoing clips and open showing incoming clips

Premonition – A transition that intercuts frames from the incoming clip with frames from the outgoing clip

Ribbon – Splits the outgoing clip into two parts and stretches the pixels in between into a horizontal ribbon – new in February 2013

Sound Only – Crossfade audio transition between two clips choosing whether the video cuts before, during or after the crossfade

Final Cut Pro X Tips and Tutorials

Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro X: 53 built-in fonts

If you want to make sure a font used in a Final Cut Pro X or Motion project is available on other people’s system.

Making edit points ‘non-crossfadable’
How to modify an edit point so that when a video transition is applied, there is no audio crossfade.

Apple support documents and links for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5

Final Cut Pro X Articles

Tip: Create timelines at any resolution and frame rate

Tip: Modify all instances of clip everywhere at once

Tip: Modifying the default title and lower-third templates in v10.0.3

Secret Final Cut Pro X 1: Media and subtypes

Secret Final Cut Pro X 2: Some of Motion inside

Secret Final Cut Pro X 3: XML & multi-user editing

Secret Final Cut Pro X 4: Windows, Tools & Audio

Secret Final Cut Pro X 5: Debug mode text

Notes from Apple’s July 6th 2011 London Pro briefing 

10.0.6 Title editing improvements
10.0.6 – new commands
10.0.6 update – 42 New effects, transitions, generators and titles

Motion 5 Articles

Tip: Using any Motion 4 project preset in Motion 5

Tip: Access to FCP X built-in templates

Tip: Description of undos in Final Cut Pro X effect templates

Tip: Rigging Motion 5 Effects: Accurate Slider Snapshot Positions

Tip: Using negative offsets for Ramp curve control

5.0.5 update – new and removed features

  1. Hi Alex: I’ve loved your plug-ins for FCP 6. I hope you can make them all work in X. Question: I’m not seeing how to download your FCP X Effects.

    • Alex said:

      Each effect page has detailed installation instructions.

      • marc said:

        hi alex the plugin alex4d hdr doenst want to work in my final cut pro x 10.0.3 can you help me with that

  2. Fernando said:

    Wonderful things you make. Is there a white font with a black lining around like on TV to use in Alex4D Text Box?

  3. Adam Ullstrom said:

    You are awesome – Just saying 😉

  4. Absolutely phenomenal work on these plugins Alex! I look forward to using many of them soon!

  5. Amy said:

    do you know a way to do a confetti type transition-where the picture breaks up into pieces while wiping to another picture? I have fcpX and motion.

  6. Gustavo said:

    Hi, thanks for sharing this! I’m having a problem dealing with still pictures: when I zoom in a portrait picture (by the Curves or Smooth Move), it does not fill the entire screen. The black edges are still there. Is there something I can do to fix it? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you, again.

  7. Juicy Jones said:

    Any way you could make a Strobe Effect? This was in FCP7 but like many other things is left out of FCPX

  8. Dude this is a GREAT site. Wow! You just helped make my transition to X so much better. Still waiting for something to replace twixtor or twixtor itself to come to X. The built in optical flow sucks compared to twixtor.

  9. Tom Hoša said:

    thanks man! you are great. i really dig the effort and support. all the best for you, tom

  10. Anja said:

    Thank you very much for sharing all this awesome effects and filters! This is great! All the best and best wishes from Germany! Anja

  11. HI Does anyone know how to download the Final cut x effects? I dnot seem to be able to find a download button anywhere!

  12. stevesecor said:

    Hey I just wanted to tell you that as a news photojournalist and editor for over 18 years who was just pushed out the door because they are making all of the new reporters shoot and edit their own material, I am not starting my own business and I wanted to tell you that I love the stuff you have created and I ASSURE you that as soon as my first two clients pay their invoices, you will be getting a paypal donation from me – not sure that it will be an amount that will blow you over, but I promise that over the next year you will hear from me. Thanks for what you do. Amazing stuff.

  13. Marco said:

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks a lot for these powerful plug-ins ! Awesome that you share it for free donation ! (done)
    Also the installation instructions are clear and easy to follow (this was my first installation of third plug-ins: I didn’t know that it could be so easy).
    I’ve just installed the blurs pack: exactly what I needed for my tilt shift effects.
    I’m looking forward to use some other packs.
    Great job !

  14. Chris Popel said:

    In FCPX can I add a picture on top of a photo
    Or art work on a wall in a scene that’s moving?
    I want to change it to my own picture in a movie scene that is moving.

    • Alex said:

      Final Cut Pro cannot do this for you automatically.

      In general, you’d do this by keyframing Distort Tool values.

      Distort: http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.0.6/#verfc8a4a9d
      Keyframe: http://help.apple.com/finalcutpro/mac/10.0.6/#verfc8a4bdc – expand the ‘Animate built-in effects’ section.

      This method can work if nothing in the footage moves in front of the area you want to add your photo to.

      Alternatively, you could use motion graphics apps such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion, but unless your job is going to be compositing and animation for at least 15% of the time, you might find they are not worth learning.

  15. hfurnish said:

    Thanks so much for all of these great plug-ins (especially the masks!) as well as tips. I’m a big fan of FCPX and glad to make it an even greater experience

  16. digitaldoscomunicacion said:

    It is the first time I install pluggins in Final Cut Pro and the truth is that it was a pleasant surprise to find such a good job. congratulations

  17. Henrik Silver said:

    Hello Alex,

    It was only today that I found your contribution to the world of editors and you are doing a beautiful work. Many thanks!

    I have a question. I am using your title-tool “text with background” and it looks great when I just add it to the project. However if I add a transition in the beginning just to “smoothen the way the title enters in the picture”
    there is a strange jump in the title after approximately half a second or so. At the same time something happens with the background.

    As I am new to FCP X I may be doing something wrong with your title-tool. How should I approach this issue?

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholm,


  18. You need a Flattr-Button, so we can donate that way!

    • Alex said:

      I’ll check it out and see if it’s right for me.

      Thanks for the tip!

  19. mario montes said:

    hi how can burn my videos hd in final cut pro x my videos come out blurry in the tv not on my computer can any body help me with the settings

  20. epetty said:

    It’s great that you have posted these plug-ins. I haven’t learned Motion yet, so it’s nice to have a few to start with.

    I tried to use the “Text Box” plug-in the other day to add some titles over a video I’m working on in FCPX. And it looked great on the preview screen. But then when I output the file, the text (but not the box) ended up off screen to the right. In the Effect, it was centered and the position was lined up over the box. Any idea why it would render differently when it was output?

    I had to use two layers instead to get it to look right (a solid and a title), but I’d like to figure out how to use your plug-in for convenience, and because it has the nice drop shadow built in.

  21. dubh david black said:

    WOW. Alex, my sincerest thanks for making your brilliant tools, tips, and tutorials available to us! I’m glad to donate what I can; I wish I could donate an amount sufficient to reflect my gratitude and appreciation.
    Best to you and yours~
    Dubh David Black

  22. Rick said:

    Hello Alex
    Love your plugins – some of the most useful out there
    I’m having a problem with Text Box not translating between machines on the same project. Both machines have the same version of Text Box but I get FX Offline or similar. There is no way to refresh it either. Have you seen this?


  23. Joe said:

    Thanks so much man I appreciate it

  24. Bill Rabkin said:

    Many thanks, Alex! I’ve used several of your plugins, in both FCP7 and FCPX. I really appreciate your many contributions to the FCP community.

    I’ve downloaded and applied your “Cross Dissolve end on edit” and “Cross Dissolve start on edit”. Neither does what its name would imply; they both behave like the built-in “Cross Dissolve” Transition, centering themselves on the edit point.

    Perhaps I’m not using them correctly. What’s the proper way to get “Cross Dissolve end on edit” to end on the edit point?

    iMac 27″ Late 2012
    FCPX 10.0.8

    • Alex said:

      Sadly these transitions can only simulate dissolves that start or end on the edit. Even though the transition is shown on the timeline as being centred on the edit the dissolve only happens before or after the edit. A simple change to the original Apple-supplied default dissolve transition.

      I created these as a workaround for Final Cut Pro in the initial weeks after the update to version 10.0.0. Perhaps Apple will reimplement the feature in a future version of Final Cut.

  25. Ooh, how I miss the old Alex4D scrolling credits. Any hope you’ll make it available for FCPX? A million thanks for all the terrific work you do.

    • Alex said:

      Thank you!

      Scrolling Credits Pro was going to be my first paid plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, but I never got around to it. I haven’t taken the time to learn Quartz Composer well enough to make it work.

      In practice I suggest you try
      The examples are very flashy, but it can also do the more sober closing credits that my Final Cut Pro 7 plug-in can do. It is almost as if they looked at my work at took it much further to work in other NLEs – including Final Cut Pro X.

  26. Mike said:

    Hi, Alex. Great work! I film a lot of tennis matches and was wondering if you had a fix for the fisheye that my GoPro gives me. I want to get rid of that curve in the baseline if possible. Thanks!

  27. IainD said:

    Hi Alex,

    Just wanted to say that your Cross Dissolves on start & end of edit have become part of my standard repertoire, so much so that they were the first effects I added to my new editing machine – they, and you, have saved my so much time!

    Thank you for all you give to us editors, and the donation I made earlier today is a small recompense for what you give us!

    • Alex said:

      Thank you, you were very generous!


  28. Kayla said:

    Thanks so much Alex! This is awesome! I’ve downloaded all of these and I’m excited to start using them.

  29. James O'Hagan said:

    Just curious, I’m trying to find a plug in that will allow me to manipulate and create 3d text, I am using it for an intro and i need the text to drop like rocks individually , can you help me?

  30. Alex- thanks for the great plugins…just my 2 cents but I think you would be better served if the most recent post was at the top. My first impression was that your site was inactive for two years which of course is not true,

  31. Stu said:

    Alex, I don’t suppose you have a transparent gradient plugin for FCP 6.0.6 would you?

  32. Stu said:


    Excellent. Nice job. Thanks. Stu

  33. Alex,
    Really enjoy and appreciate you sharing these great tools. A while back you did a webinar where you showed a specific Distortion > Bulge effect for correcting the barrel distortion common in GoPro footage. Do you have any plans for publishing that one?

    • Alex said:

      I probably will in the next month or so…

      There’s a ‘Free Effect Friday’ every week!

      • Thanks Alex, Looking forward to that one!

  34. Yariel Perez said:

    I have downloaded almost every plugin, but im having problems with my fcpx program, beacuse even though the effects appear in my options when I apply any of them to any of my clips the clip turns completly blue.

  35. Hi Alex, I placed the trim plugin files (after download) in Motion template effects folder, I see them in FCPX but nothing happens when I apply these on a clip or picture. I have the latest update for FCPX 10.0.09 and also Motion … what possibly could be wrong? Thank you so much for your comment.

  36. Spencer said:

    I recently downloaded and installed your Circle Tunnel generator and in return Final Cut Pro X is unresponsive and will not work and quits immediately and booting up…. FCPX was working fine until I downloaded your plugin…. I also deleted the plug in trashed it under secured empty trash but still FCPX will not open…. Any word of advise?

    • Alex said:

      No. I haven’t heard of this happening with any of my plugins.

      First try the tips in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X Troubleshooting support document: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3893

      My plugins are files made in Apple Motion. Final Cut Pro X has a copy of Motion built into it that plays back the file when it appears in a Final Cut Project. As I’ve never had this kind of problem while developing or using my plugins, I haven’t been in a position to solve this kind of problem, so my suggestion here is based on what I know of how Final Cut Pro X works.

      To try and get Final Cut Pro X to start up without crashing, test to see if any of your projects or events has become corrupted – the following is a more detailed version of suggestion 7 from Apple’s support document.

      Disconnect any external drives. Create new folders in the Movies folder. One called ‘Final Cut Projects – disabled’ and ‘Final Cut Events – disabled’ and move all you projects and events to the ‘disabled’ folders. Then see if Final Cut will start up and not immediately quit.

      If it still doesn’t start (even when there are no events or projects for it to load), perhaps Final Cut Pro X has been damaged. Trash it and then use the Mac App Store to download a fresh copy. If you’ve deleted my plugin, Final Cut Pro has no reason to open the file any more, and if Final Cut does’t open it, the file can’t do anything to your freshly downloaded copy of Final Cut.

      But if Final Cut doesn’t quit when there are no projects or events to load, then perhaps one of the projects or events that it was loading before is causing the crashing.

      Now that Final Cut starts up again, first move an event from the ‘Final Cut Events – disabled’ folder back to ‘Final Cut Events’ and try starting Final Cut again. If it does start up, then it is unlikely that event is corrupted. To make sure, create a new project and add an item from that single event. Quit and restart Final Cut. If it does’t automatically quit, it is more unlikely that the first event is corrupted. Quit and move a second event back to the Final Cut Events folder and repeat. Once all events seem OK, see if any of the projects are damaged in the same way. Move them one by one back into the Final Cut Projects folder and restart Final Cut.

      If you do find that an event or project is corrupted and that having it available to Final Cut when it opens causes Final Cut to crash, then open the event or project folder in the Finder and move the ‘CurrentVersion.fcpevent’ (or ‘CurrentVersion.fcpproject’) file out of the event folder. Open the event’s ‘Backups’ folder and duplicate the newest .fcpevent (or .fcpproject) file in there. Move that up one level out of the Backups subfolder and into the event (or project) folder and rename it ‘CurrentVersion.fcpevent’ or ‘CurrentVersion.fcpproject’ If you are lucky, the older backup version of the event or project won’t be damaged in such a way that causes Final Cut to crash when opening.

      I’m sorry I can’t be more help. I hope you can get up and running quickly.

  37. bruce said:

    Hi Alex,
    I am looking for an effect like an explosion in which you can store pict, text, or a movie. (reveals after explosion or something like that) I mean a dynamic opening of a text or graphic or the beginning of a movie, but very short. (eg 15-24 frames) I only found plugins like this but to long. Of course the content in it has to be longer. Just opening en closing very short. Like advertising or something. Do you have such one? Or wiling to make it?

  38. Would love to try and download Scoopy Doo and/or Wave transition plugin, but I’m not sure if that is possible?

    • Alex said:

      I might make a Final Cut Pro X version for download as a plugin soon.

  39. cliff said:


  40. Alex, I’m looking for a better vignette plugin than the one that comes with FCP X. One where I can control aspect ratio of the vignette (and maybe even the color of the vignette). Are you aware of anything like this? Is this something you might consider doing one day? Chris
    p.s. Thanks for all the plugins you have made so far. They are a lifesaver.

  41. Shailesh Singh said:

    i downloaded the bad tv effect , but when i share the final file and the render is done… its not showing the ROLL movement in the final product .

  42. Lebowski said:

    Thank you so much, this is a fantastic job man!

  43. Nick said:

    Ive Added Alot Of These Plugins On To My Final Cut But For Some Reason Now My Final Cut Keeps Closing On Me. Please Help Email:Nick.bromfield1@gmail.com

    • Alex said:

      I haven’t heard of any of my plugins causing crashes (if that’s what you mean by ‘closing on you’).

      I suggest you remove all of them and see if Final Cut keeps crashing. If not, add one and use the application for a while. If it doesn’t crash, add another until you find the one that causes the problem for you.


  44. Hey Alex,
    absolutely love what your doing.
    I want to get into this field of software. What did you learn prior to making these plug ins.

  45. Kat said:

    How do you expand zip files?

  46. Chris said:

    Hi there. I just read your post about FCpro-Plugins that work with iMovie 2013 – that’s terrific!! But I can’t find any exact instructions how to do that. I found the ‘folder’ in the iMovie-Application that contains the titles (which I am more interested to change). I can open the Titles in Motion5, they work! But as soon as I do some changes and save the title-template again, it’s over for me. Can you give us iMovie users some info on that issue? Thanx in advance! – Chris, Germany –

  47. Ian said:

    Hey Alex. Thanks for the plug ins. The one I needed was your wide angle correction one, which seems to do the trick, but I can’t seem to change the angle. I can select the options but there is no slider for custom angle. Any help is much appreciated!

  48. Alex, great work man thanks. I’m using your 4 8 and 16 point mask plugin to do something on an image that’s wider than normal, and each of the masks cut the picture off on both sides. is there a way to fix this? thanks again!

    • Alex said:

      Try opening the image in its own timeline and applying the mask there. Control-click the image in the browser and choose Open in Timeline from the context menu.

  49. Dave said:

    I’ve just stumbled across your site and it has MADE MY DAY! I was searching around for a solution to allowing me to letterbox my movie to widescreen after rotating the clip (wanted to retain the black bars rather than simply change the sizing of the actual clip as I put text over the black at a couple of points during the film). Your free plugin solved it and now I’m going through the rest of your sight getting lots of inspiration. Thanks for putting this blog together – really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in providing this :0)

  50. Michael said:

    Hi Alex. Thanks for all the plug ins here! May i ask if there is a easy way to make out of the circle shape in the circle blur an editable square shape? Cheers Michael

  51. Hanna said:

    Hey this is a great website, however I’m dealing with a problem. I can’t seem to open my mtt file. Whenever i try to open it the program saids “Can’t be opened, choose an application or go to appstore”

    • Alex said:

      Download the free app called Motion Template Tool to open .mtt files.

  52. Gene said:

    Greetings: Just recently started realizing the potential of Adjustment Layers in FCPX. One question … say I make 2 Adjustment Layers, each with a different look, and place one on the first half of a clip and the second on the second half. Is there a way to Dissolve between the two?

  53. Angie said:

    Have you created a denoiser?

    • Amy said:

      Hi Alex: I’m so bored with all the final cut pro x plug ins. I also am not sure where to find and download your free ones! Help. Thanks! I went to your website but couldn’t find the free ones or info on how to download. Thanks

  54. anurak said:

    Thank you for made good plugin. Alex Are you sale FCPX plugin on app store? I want to use for commercial.

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