I’m Alexandre Gollner, film editor, designer and ideas man. I’m a freelancer usually based in London.

I started in design for print, moved into design for conferences. That led to producing motion graphics for events, and now films for corporations and charities. Visit my site to see some of my work.

In 2006 made a documentary with George Blackstone to raise money for charity. It’s called The Things We Do for Love. I also went to the Cannes Film Festival to research in depth the true nature of the film industry.

In autumn 2008 I edited Crimson, a short drama directed Piers Hill funded by The UK Film Council through B3 Media.

Contact me on alexandre at alex4d.com

  1. frankie said:

    hello! sounds like you’ve got an adventure ahead….what fun! will keep visiting the site…..
    have you seen James Gandolfini yet? hahhahahahahahaha!

    frankie x

  2. Mote said:

    I am reading you

  3. Deb said:

    All sounds fantastic Alex. xd

  4. Mote said:

    Hi Aylex
    When are you returning to the U of K?
    Hope you are having a good time and are not too sad to be leaving.

  5. hey Alex, are you the alex that went to Kent Uni, rutherford college? i am involved in sound design here in london, sounds like you are doing some intereting stuff with films etc.
    interesting website, and i caught you on the filmsound.org site too.
    all the best


  6. Alex said:

    Yes. Born in London to German and Hungarian parents. So in American parlance I am German-Hungarian-British!

  7. Big said:

    Thanks for the plug, it is much appreciated.

  8. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for adding my Free Balloons video to your ‘Our London’ Channel.

    Perhaps my London Olympic Torch Relay video is also pertinent:

    Also, I have some questions about your underground map designs, do you have an email address I can reach you at?



  9. Michael West said:

    Brilliant plugins!
    Is there a way to add video clips into your scrolling credits so they scroll along with the text?
    Thanks again.

    • Alex said:

      My ‘Move’ generator is designed to do this.

  10. Drago said:

    Thanks for FC Plugs. You like J.S.Bach? Isn’t?

    • Alex said:

      Thanks! It’s the recordings by Mr. Gould.

  11. Joshua said:


    Love the new crop with separate edge feather.

    However, it doesn’t work on media with an alpha channel. Could you please modify it to crop the alpha by default, and if one does not exist, crop the RBG channel (as per the current version).

    This would be very, very useful for bottom of frame supers (lower thirds)


  12. Alex, I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. Enjoying your comments on my site.

    Scott Myers

  13. This is an awesome resource for Final Cut X and Motion 5 – Thanks Alex for all the great work!

  14. Keith said:

    Thanks for the FCPx plug-ins & info. Your writing style makes some of this tricky (for me) stuff easier to understand.

  15. This industry is pretty tough, I used to own Action Videos in Dunedin, Florida.

  16. Hi Alex,
    I’ve downloaded your scrolling credits, but it is only showing up as a text (doesn’t scroll). I’m in FCP 7, does this make a difference? Thanks so much.

      • Thank so much. I just found your site an am excited to lean more. I’ve got a feature coming to theaters in January and currently set to direct two more between now and then. I’m always looking for fun edit plugins.

  17. Ricky said:

    I loaded the plugin for the scrolling credits but they will not scroll..is there something else I need to do? FCP 7

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