Alex4D Notes: Final Cut Pro X 10.1, 4K, iMovie, new Final Cut Pro X podcast

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I’ll summarise recent notes from there here on my old blog. To see my latest news, notes and links, bookmark my new place.

November 4: Apple’s October 2013 announcements: What’s in them for editors? The mainstream Mac sites aren’t focussed on looking at Apple announcements from a post production point of view.

November 5: iMovie (2013) and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 – what new features that debuted in the new version of iMovie might appear in a future version of Final Cut Pro.

November 6: Final Cut Pro X 10.1 revealed? iMovie (2013) is an unreleased version of Final Cut Pro X with a consumer UI

November 7: New MacBook Pros and MacPro: 4K at high refresh rates via DisplayPort? – will the fast storage, memory and GPUs in Apple’s newest computers be able to support 4K at higher frame rates?

November 7: iMovie and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 part 3: Scripting and plugins – more on what’s hidden within the new version of iMovie.

November 9: Final Cut Server: December resurrection?

November 14: iCloud collaboration for more Apple applications? – Apple added interesting collaboration features to Keynote, Pages and Numbers. Find out more about features that might one day appear in pro applications from Apple.

November 19: DaVinci Resolve 10 is Final Cut Pro X 10.1 compatible

November 20: Import Final Cut Pro X projects into iMovie using hidden workaround

November 25: iMovie and Final Cut Pro X 10.1 part 4 – including a rundown of accessibility features – which are useful for those who cannot use traditional control devices and those who want to use workflow applications to control Final Cut.

November 26: FCPX Grill – the new Final Cut Pro X podcast – a detailed rundown of the first two episodes of Chris Fenwick’s new podcast.

November 27: The case for a new Apple professional application – musing on how Apple might demonstrate the power of the new Mac Pro sends me off in the direction of wish-fulfillment


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