Free Effect Friday – Final Cut Pro X: Alex4D Leaves title plugin

My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday free Final Cut Pro X plugin is a lower third title: Alex4D Leaves.

It blows the letters onto the screen to form the title, and then blows them off.

Here are the controls:


You can choose the direction the letters blow, and control their timing.

To reposition the title, double click it in the viewer and drag the control point to a new position.


You can choose different typefaces, type sizes and alignment in the Text tab of the inspector.

Once installed, you’ll find it the Alex4D section of the Titles browser:


Drag it from the browser so that it connects with the timeline above the clip you want to overlay it on.

Download the installer


If you find this free plugin useful, you might like my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack:


There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X page


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    • Alex said:

      It’s a film reference.

      • Larry said:

        As in: Travis Bickle: I should get one of those signs that says “One of these days I’m gonna get organezized”.
        Betsy: You mean organized?
        Travis Bickle: Organezized. Organezized. It’s a joke. O-R-G-A-N-E-Z-I-Z-E-D…
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        I got it, I lyked it.

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