My 2012 Top 15 Plugins

As part of 685,000 blog views, visitors downloaded my Final Cut Pro plug-ins many thousands of times.

If you follow my blog via email using the control on the top left of the blog page, you’ll get advance notice of new posts and plug-ins and more.

Thanks to my many visitors in 2012. I plan to make many more Final Cut Pro X effects, transitions, titles and generators in 2013!

Final Cut Pro X Top 10

1. Blurs

Six blurs and one sharpen effect

2. Mask+

Define 4, 8 or 16 points of a mask with animation control over scale, rotate and perspective distortion

3. Colour effects

11 colour control effects

4. Magic Lantern HDR
Composition controls for resolving HDR clips generated by Magic Lantern on Canon SLRs

5. Bad TV

More controls than the standard version

6. 4 Up

Display four clips on the same screen, or switch between them

7. Aged Film

More controls and ‘Bad TV’-style rolling

8. Distorts

Four distort effects

9. Adjustment Layer

Any effects or transformations you apply to this title will be applied to all timeline clips below

10. Smooth Move

Defines a start and finish position, scale and rotation for clip content with controls for how the clip moves from start to finish

Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 Top 5

1. Closing Credits

This plugin gives you typographic controls over all names or credits or section titles at the same time. You can also set the credits to scroll at specific speeds.

2. Access to all your fonts

Apple’s plugins don’t give you access to all your fonts. Use these replacement versions to use any installed font.

3. Lower Third
Alex4D Lower Third Final Cut plugin

This generator provides extra text and positioning options for labelling people and places.

4. Vignette filter

A vignetting plugin giving control over position and aspect ratio.

5. Improved text Crawl

This generator removes the limit on the amount of text you can use in a crawl, and adds extra features.

  1. Anette said:

    thank you, but how is it possible to download one of your plugins?????

    • Alex said:

      For Final Cut Pro X, click the name of the plug-in to go to the post that has more information including download link and installation instrcutions.

  2. Anette said:

    yes, thank now it works, fantastic thank you very much, super work

  3. Anneliese Possberg said:

    Hi Ales,

    I am not sure if this is your correct reply email address but I give it a try. Are you by chance the same person who made this fantastic software Magic Latern for Canon cameras?

    • Alex said:

      No. That Alex has a ‘1’ in his name: A1ex. I’m Alex Gollner, @Alex4D.

      I assume the best way to communicate with the Magic Lantern A1ex is to post at

  4. Alex, which ‘closing credit’ in X which you could recommend? One that can do at least what your 7 version does. Will you do one for X? I would gladly add to the tip jar for one.

    • Alex said:

      I was planning to do a paid closing credits title for Final Cut Pro X, but it is much harder to do for X than it was for 6 and 7. There’s no way to use any of the previous work I did.

      However there is a paid plug-in that takes my ‘tag credits so you can change the font/colour/size of each actor name at the same time’ idea* and runs with it. If you visit you find out more. It works with the free FxFactory effects system, which you need to download first.

      *There’s no evidence that anyone copied my old free effect for 6 and 7, it’s just that this effect managed to implement what I was planning to do and much more.

      • Will get SugarRfx as I’m now moving to X – thanks for the quick reply!. Other: do you have a lower-thirds for X? I have a client that wants a three-line lower-third where the second line is a vertical thin bar.

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