My Webinar showing how to create effects for Final Cut Pro X

On Tuesday January 8th, 2013 I appeared on a webinar at hosted by Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group.

The web broadcast was free to watch live. The webinar is available for download on demand for $15.

Download the on-demand webinar to see me change the default settings for built-in Final Cut Pro X effects, bring the additional effects available in Motion 5 into Final Cut, and combine Motion’s advanced controls into single Final Cut Pro X effect controls.

The final effect that I make in the webinar corrects the kind of fish-eye distortion that some wide angle lenses can add to footage. I show how it corrects narrow, medium and wide angle GoPro footage.

The download includes:

– The hour+ webinar
– The footage I used in a Final Cut Pro event
– The timeline I used in a Final Cut Pro project
– The new effects created in Motion which you can immediately use in Final Cut
– My script, on which I based my completely ad-libbed presentation:

If you follow along, you’ll have made new effects you can immediately use in your editing projects.

All the Final Cut Pro X effects, transitions, titles and generators I’ve made available for free on this blog were made using Motion 5.

The webinar is an introduction on how Motion 5 works with Final Cut. It will start you on a journey towards making effects to save you time on your own projects and tools you can share with the rest of the Final Cut Pro X world.

Here are some comments from those who attended the live webinar:

“Cracking insight.” – Seth H.
Listening from Wexford ireland – you have saved me a ton of time. Thanks Alex!– Christian O.
Very useful, great presentation. – Artesia A.
Thank you. Great webinar and thanks for your time. – Ray B.
Just a quick note, this is brilliant! -Jim M.
Just wanted to thank Alex for all his hard work, filters, blog, shares etc. – Snow R.

Thank you!

  1. Hope you don’t mind my mentioning your webinar on my modest french blog ( (i used your pic too if that’s ok. If not let me know and I’ll take it down).

  2. Artesia said:

    I attended the Motion 5 Webinar today, and really enjoyed your presentation. I learned so much. Thank you
    BTW: I can’t seem to install the Closing Credits Plug In you created. The Data/Plugins folder would not accept the folder or the files. I don’t have a folder called Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins either. Any suggestions?

    • Alex said:

      The closing credits plug-in will not work with Final Cut Pro X – it was written in Final Cut Pro 6’s scripting language. It will work in Final Cut Pro 7.

      What version of Final Cut Pro are you using?

      • Artesia said:

        I’m trying to install the Closing Credit plug in to work with Final Cut Pro 7 Thank you for your response.

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