423 Final Cut Pro 10.0.7 commands

There are 423 commands available in the Command Set editor in Final Cut Pro X. 279 have default keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve designed a PDF listing all 423 commands with a short description of what they do and their default shortcuts if available.


You can see the PDF by clicking


If you Control- or Right- click the link, you can save the PDF to your computer.

If you also have the current Final Cut Pro User Guide open, clicking a command will scroll the User Guide to the relevant page:


1. Download the current version of the Final Cut Pro X User Guide from


2. Store it in the same folder on your computer as Alex4D_Final_Cut_Pro_10.0.7_Commands.pdf


3. Open them both in their own window in Preview or Acrobat.

Clicking a command will scroll the User Guide to the relevant page. Some commands aren’t directly mentioned in guide, but they’re linked to the correct section.

To assign a keyboard shortcut to one of these commands, use the Command Editor (Option-Command-K):


More Final Cut Pro X – including over 50 free effects, titles and transitions: my FCPX home page


  1. Detlev Scholz said:

    Hi Alex,

    for a couple of weeks your website is not reachable for me, either your links or trying to going directly on your site.

    regs Dev

    • Alex said:

      Perhaps the problem is local to you, my web stats don’t show any reduction in views in the last few weeks.

  2. Alex, you stated that when viewing the users guide PDF manual: “Clicking a command will scroll the User Guide to the relevant page. Some commands aren’t directly mentioned in guide, but they’re linked to the correct section.” What section are you finding links to the commands. I don’t see any links in the shortcuts listing at the end of the document.

  3. Disregard my last post. I understand now. Good job Alex!

  4. Hey Alex, On 2 of my 3 computers, I’ve been able to load your shortcut list (great work btw) and click on a command and it will jump to that page in the users guide as advertised, but on my newer computer (an iMac) when I click on the command, it’s just kind of blinks at me quickly and doesn’t jump to the other document. Any idea what I may have configured differently with that computer or application? I’be checked all of my preferences in Preview, but don’t see anything different. Thanks.

    • Actually, now it has stopped working on all of my computers. 😦

      • ronpriest said:

        Just tried it with Acrobat Reader, and got an error stating: There was an error while performing an action. Invalid action object. Hmmm. Don’t understand it, it was working fine on 2 computers at first. Would like to figure it out, that’s a great option to have it link like that!

  5. Paul King said:

    Hi Alex, I cannot open the pdf on my iMac properly. Using Firefox it tells me I cannot open it at all, using Safari I can open it if I paste the address but then if I save the file from Safari Adobe Acrobat Reader tells me the file is damaged. Tried downloading again but got same results. The pdf looks great but I cannot access it to download. Thanks a lot

    • Alex said:

      I don’t know where the incompatibility is. Did you try right- or control-clicking the link to use the context menu to save the PDF directly to your computer?

      Here’s a ZIPped version of the PDF. If you click that link and expand the archive, does that work?

      • Paul King said:

        Many thanks Alex. A great resource.

  6. Hi Alex many thanks for this useful resource and reference guide for FCP X shortcuts.

  7. munish kumar sharma said:

    hi sir i want to thank u from the bottom of my heart for this useful resource and reference guide for FCP X shortcuts
    i am a student and in the first stage of learning fcp……………once again thanks

  8. James said:

    Alex for the Shortcut Keyboard file is great.

    Thanks! 謝謝!

    WDEVN Taiwan

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