Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 update – 42 New effects, transitions, generators and titles

Alongside many new features, the 10.0.6 Final Cut Pro X update also includes many new effects, transitions, generators and titles.

New effects

Stylize: Drop Shadow

Here are the controls:

In this example I’ve set the Blur Falloff to 0%, this makes the shadow blur increase the further the shadow extends from the source layer.

You can find it in the Stylize category.

Distortion: Heat

This effect adds an animated heat haze to a clip, with the option to change the colours to match.

Keying: Circle Mask

You can animate the position of the mask using keyframes. You can set the mask to being a oval by making the X Scale different from the Y Scale, and rotate the oval using the Rotation parameter.

Keying: Vignette Mask
Looks: TriTone

Stylize: Handheld
Adds an animated handheld camera shake. Distance defines how far the clip is scaled up before the shake is added.
Stylize: Rain
Stylize: SLR

If you use keyframes to animate the Take Picture parameter, you get a simulation of an SLR shutter:

New backgrounds

The 10.0.6 update adds new animated looping backgrounds to 15 existing themes:

Boxes, Bulletin Board, Cinema
Comic Book, Data, Documentary
Event, Filmstrip, Kinetic
Nature, News, Photo Album
Scrapbook, Sports, Tribute

Some have colour, pattern and shape options to produce varying backgrounds within a theme.

New transitions

Replicate/Clones: Duplicate

A series of shapes moves across the screen. Starting in one of nine different places (Upper Left, Right, Centre etc.) with three build styles (Across, by row, by column) and many shape styles:
Replicate/Clones: Multi

The outgoing clip spins away to reveal four clips in a grid, they spin away to reveal the incoming clip.

Wipes: Diagonal

Wipes: Mask

A bar moves on showing a sliver of the incoming clip. The bar sweeps in one direction and back in the other before widening to reveal the new clip.

New backgrounds

The 10.0.6 update adds new corner ‘bug’ templates to 15 existing themes.
For example, the Bug lower third for the Documentary theme looks like this:
They all the options to animate the title onto and off the screen:
They also have colour, shape and position options:
As well as short amounts of text, there are options to use the type the cut a hole in the graphics to reveal the clip underneath and to use a clip dropped in the media well:
Here are close ups of the 15 new bug templates:

Boxes, Bulletin Board, Cinema
Comic Book, Data, Documentary
Event, Filmstrip, Kinetic
Nature, News, Photo Album
Scrapbook, Sports, Tribute

  1. Rob Mackintosh said:

    Thanks Alex.

    When selecting the source media for drop zones you can now select a specific starting frame within a clip as opposed to the old behaviour where it defaulted to the start.

  2. I believe the Drop Shadow effect is unique in that it is the first FCPX Effect that changes the appearance of a clip outside of its original dimensions. It seems as this functionality has not yet been placed in the hands of 3rd party Motion Template developers.

    Thanks for the roundup!

  3. rakesh said:

    Hey alex i just want a new flashback feel of transition

  4. I really appreciate seeing a detailed rundown like this, as I might otherwise go to some trouble without realizing that they’re there or that they do what I want

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