Final Cut Pro X – Rename parts of clips used on timelines

One of the best unheralded features of Final Cut Pro X is the ability to rename the parts of a clip used on a timeline.

For example, imagine you have an interview clip with a couple of sections you’d like to try in a project. In 10.0.6 you can define multiple ‘selection ranges’:

The first range was set by pressing the I and O keys when the playhead was at the start and of the first range. The second range was set using the Shift-Command-I and Shift-Command-O keyboard shortcuts.

These ranges were added to a timeline using the W shortcut to insert at the start of a timeline:

Each instance was then renamed. The first using Control- or Right-click to show the contextual menu for the clip:

The first clip was renamed in the timeline:

This new name was only assigned to that first clip. You can also rename clips by double-clicking their names in the timeline index:

When you press return, the clip is renamed in the timeline:

The name of the source clip in the event remains the same:

You can also rename timeline clips in the inspector. Go to the info tab and double-click the name of the clip:

As well as event clips, you can use the same methods to rename title and generator clips also.

A very useful feature that makes timelines easy to organise and for others to read.

  1. Eddie said:

    Do you know of a way to assign a short cut to “RENAME CLIP”?

    • Alex said:

      Sadly no, not using Final Cut Pro itself, although you might find accessibility software that can assign the control-click and menu choice to a single keyboard command.

  2. Doug Suiter said:

    This is a feature i have been using today to great effect…except that i just discovered it doesn’t work with Synchronised or Multicam clips. Multicam clips will not let you rename in the timeline and Synchronised clips will be it also changes the source clip name and also the name of every other instance of that clip in the timeline. For me this makes this feature so very close to awesome…but then it falls short. I’d love to hear if i am wrong about this…

  3. Adam said:

    I don’t think this is possible any longer. Would LOVE to be able to name ranges. GRRR! What is the work-around?

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