Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 – new commands

The new version of Final Cut Pro X has some new commands. Some have new keyboard shortcut defaults. Others are available as commands which don’t have associated menu items or keyboard shortcuts. You can use these commands by adding your own keyboard shortcuts using the Final Cut Pro X > Commands > Customize command.

New commands with keyboard shortcuts

Show or hide the Event Viewer – Command-Control-3

Make Event Viewer active – Option-Command-3

Clear the selected ranges – Option-X

Move directly to next title text item – Option-tab

Move directly to previous title text item – Shift-Option-Tab

Set additional range selection start point – Command-Shift-I

Set additional range selection end point – Command-Shift-O

Insert freeze frame at playhead if it is in the timeline – Option-F

Connect a freeze frame from event to timeline if playhead is in an event – Option-F

Expand or collapse audio components for the selection in the Timeline – Option-Control-S

Blade All – Shift-Command-B
Cuts all the clips at the playhead or skimmer

Delete clip leaving attached clips to newly created gap clip – Option-Command-Delete

Override connections – `
Keeping connected clips in the same place while moving a clip.

Paste Attributes – Shift-Command-V

New commands to which you can add your own keyboard shortcuts

Add Chapter Marker

Add ToDo Marker

Add to Soloed Clips
Add selected items in timeline to the items to be soloed. (Solo mode – Option S)

Reference New Parent Clip
Make a new parent clip for the selected compound clip in the timeline. Add the parent clip to the current event.

Show Title/Action Safe Zones

Show/Hide Angles in the Event Viewer

Show/Hide Video Scopes in the Event Viewer

  1. kyle morgan said:

    Thanks for this post. Now I’ll ask a question I haven’t found an answer to yet.
    Before the update I was able to select a clip in the timeline and the playhead would move to that location. Useful if I wanted to move the mouse away from the clip (to look through effects, etc.) but now selecting a clip and placing the playhead are two separate actions. Initially it’s super annoying. Have you noticed that/ found a fix for it?

    • Alex said:

      In previous versions of FCP, holding down the option key when clicking a clip in the timeline didn’t move the the playhead to where you clicked. In 10.0.6, the default action is inverted. To move the playhead to the selected clip, hold down the option key. The advantage of not moving the playhead is that when no clip is selected, the inspector shows information about the clip at the playhead – in the same way the ‘Open’ clip gang mode worked in Final Cut Pro Classic.

      • Kyle Morgan said:

        Awesome. Thanks for that insight. Do you know if there is a way to toggle between having to hold Option or not- I.e. old vs. new default way of doing it?

  2. Alex said:

    Kyle, there’s no way of going back to the previous way. Apple are unlikely to provide that sort of preference setting in future (that’s more Avid’s style). Their philosophy seems to be that you’ll hate the new default for a few weeks or months, but one day you’ll get used to it.

    The new default goes some way towards adding more keyboard shortcuts for navigating the interface (as you don’t have to click clips to see inspector settings any more).

  3. First I want to Thank you for your great blog
    I work on the french version of FCPX but I also try the “english” one.
    and I don’t get what you describe :
    Delete clip leaving attached clips to newly created gap clip – Option-Command-Delete

    For me this command delete clip leaving attached clip in position but the main storyline is shorten (sorry for my english)
    Option-Command-Delete is just the same as Shift-Delete.

    Can you confirm ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Alex said:

      Option-Command-Delete for me replaces the clip with a gap, but leaves any connected clips connected the a gap clip.

      If you using a modified command set – your own keyboard shortcuts, this new shortcut may not work for you. Try changing the Command set to the Default set and try again.

      As well as using Command-Option-Delete, `-delete (grave-delete) should also work.

  4. I used the default keyboard … big mystery 🙂
    The french version get also trouble with “overwrite connection” witch is kind of locked for ever!!
    there is a workaround …
    thank for your reply anyway
    keep posting.

  5. I thought I had left this post, but it’s not showing up. Where can I find a PDF file listing all of the 488 commands (with or without keyboard shortcuts)?

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