Final Cut Pro X effect: Alex4D Widescreen Matte

Alex4D Widescreen Matte is a Title Generator effect that produces a matte that can cover all the clips in your project:

Here are the controls…

…and the ratios available:

There are options to reduce the strength, the position of the matte. You can also choose whether it is generated in landscape or portrait format:

Here are the controls that produced that result:

This isn’t an effect, you’ll find it in the titles browser:

Drag onto the timeline so that it is above all the content you’d like to matte:

As the matte is on its own layer you can reposition clips under the matte using the transform control, or by changing the scale and position parameters in the inspector.

For more about how to use title generators as mattes, check out the instructions in my ‘Alex4D Dimensions’ post. In that post there are instructions for how to use Compressor and other free tools to crop off the matte from your outputted movies.

Installation instructions

Download the effect archive for Final Cut Pro here.

If you have Motion installed, or if you have already installed Final Cut Pro plugins, create an Alex4D folder in the Titles sub-folder of the Motion Templates folder in the Movies folder of your home directory.  :

Expand the ZIP archive and add the four folders to the Alex4D folder.

If you don’t have Motion installed, or if you haven’t installed any Final Cut Pro X plugins you won’t have a Motion Templates folder in your Movies folder. Download this set of empty folders and add them to the Movies folder of your home directory – then follow the previous instructions.

Although the folder is called Motion Templates, you don’t need to have Motion installed on your computer for this effect to work.

If you find this free plugin useful, you might like my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack:

Find out more about Alex4D Animation Transitions.

There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X page


  1. batman nosferatu said:

    Does it work with final cut express 4???

    • Alex said:

      Unfortunately no.

      Final Cut Pro X uses a different effects system than the Final Cut Classic series of software.

  2. Markus said:

    I am saying it again – thank you so much for this essential tool!

    And once again FCP X is one tiny step closer to being able to be used as a really professional tool. Alex, you’re doing the entire FCP community a tremendous favor with your great pioneering detective and FX work!

  3. molly said:

    alex, what would we do without you….thanks for all the great plug-ins..

  4. Brian said:

    Hey Alex,

    I upgraded to FCPX 10.1 and now your plug ins (Widescreen Matte) wont work. They do appear in the timeline but there is no more letterbox effect… ;(

  5. Brian said:

    Hey Alex,

    I downloaded it but all I got was this:

    1. Alex4D Widescreen Matte.moti Unix file
    2. media folder with nothing in it.
    3. small PNG

    • Alex said:

      Those are the files needed for effects in Final Cut Pro X. Use the installation instructions that you used with the previous version (in the post above) to move the ‘Alex4D Widescreen Matte’ to the correct place on your computer.

  6. Brian said:

    Okay, I did it. and it worked. THANKS AND CHEERS!!

    What about the other plug ins, such as your dimensions? Do I need another file for those to be replaced?

    Thanks… You rock.. !

  7. Phillip said:

    Alex – thank you so much for making this available for the public. Fantastic, quick, easy-to-use tool that should be a standard for FCPX.


  8. finalcutnewbie said:

    i dont get anything 😦 please help !!

  9. Fernando Fialho said:

    You are genius!

  10. Hans MS said:

    SO many thanks, great plug in !!!

  11. tobyadamson2521 said:

    Thanks – but how do you export the sequence in the different format without the matte?? With this technique the output will just be the original formal with black mask – if you’ve positioned the mask differently on different parts of the sequence your matte will appear to move around through your movie.. Any thoughts – thanks

  12. Bob Roberts said:

    The Anamorphic matte seems to change the ratio slightly as the film gets edited…

  13. Anna said:

    My download was the same as Brian’s but I can’t find any installation instructions. Could you let me know what I’m supposed to do with the files from the Zip? These are them,

    1. Alex4D Widescreen Matte.moti Unix file
    2. media folder with nothing in it.
    3. small PNG


    • Alex said:

      Motion templates are folders with special documents inside. Put ‘Alex4D Widescreen Matte’ folder in the place as described in the ‘Installation Instructions’ section above. Use the picture of the Finder window to see where to put it.

      If you don’t have Motion installed, you won’t have a Motion Templates folder in your Movies folder. Download the set of empty folders and add them to the Movies folder of your home directory.

  14. Jonny said:

    First of all thanks for this. Will be super handy as cropping and using the letterbox effect is a pain.

    I’m having trouble with the option not appearing in FCX. No Alex4D showing in titles.

    I’ve downloaded the Motion Templates folder, moved it to the Movies folder and the ‘Alex4D Widescreen Matte’ folder is within the Titles folder.

    But nothing showing in FC at all. Am I missing something or wrongly placing it?

    • It goes in the Effects folder, not the Titles folder.

  15. yeeehah said:

    Fantastic, thanks so much for this…

  16. Trebor Nerraw said:

    Dy-no-mite! How can I make a donation?

  17. jamie said:

    I’m having the same issue as Anna… I’ve previously downloaded “unsharp mask a4d”, all with no problem.. but now I am stuck with an ‘Alex4D Widescreen Matte.moti Unix’ file that I can not open with mac mavericks, plus this empty media folder. Love your site.. what you do is great. Any help getting the Widescreen plug-in working would be appreciated.


    • Alex said:

      Plugins for Final Cut Pro X aren’t the .moti files, they are special folders that include the .moti and empty media folder.

      Put the ‘Alex4D Widescreen Matte’ folder into ‘Movies:Motion Templates:Titles:Alex4D’

  18. jamie said:

    Thanks! That solved it.

    take care,


  19. Hello, Alex!
    Just tried to use your plugin but seems something is wrong. I installed it by your instructions, FCPX found it, but when I place it over the clips on a timeline and choose the Ratios in Parameters only the first “Square” is working. All the other ratios make my clips entirely black. What I’m doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

  20. Sugar Jamaj said:

    alex ur the best

  21. Veve said:

    Thank YOU!!! LOVE THIS PLUGIN!! Thanks for making it free!

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