Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro X: 53 built-in fonts

To showcase the template features of Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X, Apple shipped them with a range of fonts to suit every mood.

There are 28 font families, as some families have more than one variant there are 53 fonts in total. They are built into each app so that they’re are always available if projects include any Motion templates.

Click to see a sample of all the fonts:

They are stored in Final Cut Pro and Motion at Contents / Frameworks / TextFramework.framework / Versions / A / Resources / Fonts. To get inside Final Cut Pro or Motion, right- or control-click the application and choose Show Package Contents from the context menu.

If you want to create templates that use these fonts you can make a collection with the Font Book application.

1. Open the fonts folder in Final Cut or Motion, option-drag the fonts to copy them to a new location.

2. Start the Font Book application.

3. Create a new collection named ‘Free Inside FCP X’ and drag the fonts from your hard drive into the new collection.

4. When editing typeface styles in a Motion template, choose the ‘Free Inside FCP X’ from the Collection pop-up menu.

5. Motion’s Font menu will then be limited to displaying the fonts in the Free Inside FCP X collection.

There is a 29th font family with a 54th font, but that is stored elsewhere in the apps…

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  1. They’re no longer there in the app’s contents. FCMetro34 still is, in Contents/Resources/Fonts
    but your instructions no longer work to find the 53 fonts, it seems as of v10.1 and v5.1 respectively, as Motion 5.0.3 has 35 of them.
    Thanks for the tip, maybe we’ll find the new location soon! Love your site!

  2. Boonman said:

    you are a legend thanks Alex.

  3. Andrew said:

    I did some digging myself, Paul POW!. There are 74 fonts in Contents/Frameworks/Flexo.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Fonts. Which is great for me, because I used some of those fonts in a project and was about going insane trying to locate them for use when designing the poster and artwork.

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