London launch for Final Cut Pro X?

Given that Apple have announced that Final Cut Pro will be available in June, will there be a special event to launch it, or will Apple once again use a third party event to make the official announcement?

At the MacVideo Expo on 9th June, Apple will ‘be showcasing their latest range of video products.’ Note that this event is happening at the same time as Apple’s Worldwide Developer conference, where it is expected that the launch date for the next version of Mac OS will be announced. They might also announce new MacPros at the WWDC.

The MacVideo Expo is in the form of a series of industry presentations, demos, software & hardware tips and raffle in a large room. Outside the room there are a range of stands showcasing video technology.

Note that a larger but similar event is happening two weeks later in the same city – the LFCPUG Network’s London SuperMeet on 23rd June. Given that both events probably had full schedules organised, it is interesting that Apple didn’t request to be involved in the SuperMeet (as far as we know).

Once we see the MacVideo Expo schedule, seeing how long Apple will be presenting might be a useful clue as to whether this is a cut-down version of the April sneak peek, or a full product announcement… including information on support for tape workflows, frame-accurate editing and three-point editing… The nine hour time difference between London and California might even be relevant.


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