Apple cancels presentation on ‘latest range of video products’ in London

A few days ago, I blogged about Apple making a surprise appearance at a London video event where they were going to present their ‘latest range of video products’.

If you go to, the home page has been updated to say although the MacVideo Expo is going ahead on Thursday 9th June, Apple will not be attending:

Change of plan – Apple has a busy month with WWDC June 7- 11 and as such doesn’t plan to be at MacVideo Expo, June 9, 2011. With the upcoming release of Final Cut Pro X, June is shaping up to be a phenomenally busy month so expect the unexpected. Anything can happen in the next few weeks. The show goes on.

I’m sure the Expo had a large number of interesting stands and packed schedule before Apple got involved, so the event should still be well worth attending.

Although Apple never said they were going to be talking about Final Cut Pro X (or new Mac Pros or Lion), I wonder if there’s more to this change of plan than them being busy that month. I’m sure they thought they could present something at the event as of the beginning of last week. Now they cannot attend.

What could it mean?


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