Once, twice, three times a loader – Let editors edit

Given the nature of modern production techniques I wonder if the job or second assistant camera and apprentice editor might be combined in the near future. Any problems with digital files need top be caught at any stage in the process.

This could be the job – loading the solid-state memory onto the camera, where once the camera would need unexposed negative in 1000 ft reels. Once the memory is used up, the loader needs to load it into a computer or separate storage device and load a backup onto a different device. Once these copies are demonstrably OK, the storage device is erased in preparation for loading onto the camera again. Then the loader could go to the editing system and load the footage onto the computer.

The reason why it could be a good idea to use the same person, would be to safeguard the information associated with each take. The setup number, take, camera number, frame rate, scene name and timecode can be incorporated into each digital file from capture to final grading.

Due to scheduling and budget considerations, there are no apprentice editors and few second assistant camera people on many productions. It’s up to the editing and camera team to work together as if they were combined into one person. Especially as it is the job of the assisting team to create the environment for the editor to edit, to make artistic decisions – to make sure they need not know the ins and outs of the newest software upgrades and bugfixes from Apple, Avid, Adobe, Panasonic and Red.

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  1. Is the role of ‘Data Wrangler’ becoming more common? Additionally with ‘tethered’ camera technology and DI. Does the production need ‘IT support’, ‘Editorial’ or ‘info grips’? Though I can imagine the chasms between Editorial and Production.

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