1993 vs. 2009

I Love Typography – A reminder of the kind of stuff I used to read at the St. Bride Printing Library in the early 90s.

The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – Schizophrenia resulted from me being a SGML purist in the early days of the web while designing magazines. One part of me believed that control over how different web tags are displayed should to be left to the reader in Mosaic and Navigator. The other spent time coming up with the perfect distribution of spacing in fully justified 9 on 12.5 Goudy Old Style on a 48mm measure. Maybe it’s time I bought the CSS upgrade to my WordPress blog.

Boxee – An open-source media browser than combines video and audio on your computer or AppleTV, content served from the web and the interests of your social network together in one application.

teehan+lax – twenty years ago, I liked the idea of being a user interface designer. Maybe I might have made it to a place like this, and be blogging for them too.

friendfeed – Matt Davis asked me if there was a social media aggregator for Twitter, blogs, comments and other services. He wants a way to keep up with the various online activities of friends and interesting people. My feed combines my Twitter posts, Vimeo uploads and video choices, blog posts and comments on other sites onto a single page. This seems to work for me at the moment.

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  1. I think I used the wrong term in ‘Social Media Aggregator’. And what I meant folds back into our UI and Data Soup discussions.

    Some people like Twitter and FaceBook, others like MySpace and YouTube, there are so MANY social networking solutions springing up vying for something special, it’s too much like hard work keeping up with them. Of course. That’s how the market economy works when building market share. Get the users addicted to the special sauce, make it hard to switch brands.

    But let’s champion the user’s perspective here. What I guess we all want is one central place to publish from, then that syndicates to Twiddlybookface and all the rest. That way, wherever my friends LIKE to be, they will hear from me. I have my little corners I like to hang out in. I’d like all my ‘think bubbles’ to crop up on my other entities, and I really don’t have time for MySpace but would appreciate PRK and a few other bands’ missives to pop into my brain space. If it sounds interesting, I’ll ‘Jaunt’ into their space and learn more.

    We want to post once, and have it crop up mole-hill like in dozens of lawns.

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