London Frieze: Appreciating art

Harriet weaned me off puns in my daily life, but I couldn’t resist that one.

Went to The London Frieze Art Fair today. It’s the first time I’ve been near Frieze since working with Tony Arefin back in 1988 on a Yoko Ono poster.

Although the ‘Fair’ name might tempt you to think that this is a place where the general public might be able to buy art, this event is more like a instant teleport device between the top 150 art galleries of the world.

Although I bought my debit card with me, I’m not in the market for £20,000 pieces yet – and those prices are for the up and coming artists.

As well as the galleries, Frieze also commissioned a few art pieces themselves. Some were more obvious than others:

The show inspired me to come up with the following ideas (from my notes taken at the event):

Art La Ronde
Blonde survey
Odder research
Crutch ski-ing
Bedroom tag
Curtains for Bill
Famous Welsh
Straps close up
Archaeological layers
My map
Sync clocks?
Location icosaheadron

The fair runs until Sunday 19th October. If you go, I hope you are as inspired as I was.


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