World Famous

On the way out to Coney Island

Suzanne and I took the opportunity to go out to Coney Island. It seems as if developers are going to turn this old-style funfair resort into a slightly sanitised tourist destination.

They’ll keep some of the rides, add some hotels and expensive accommodation, and clean up some of the odder aspects. I’d be suprised if the new security arrangements will allow the following:
070716_0445_the_shoot.jpg 070716_0455_world_bob.jpg
As we were walking along the pier, we saw some people making some links for film about strange tales of Coney Island. If this were happening in a couple of years time, it could be that CCTV cameras would see the odd goings and send security to move these people along. ‘We can’t have odd people spoiling the holiday experience for our valued tourist customers.’

The host of the film was ‘The World Famous *Bob*’ – a burlesque performer. Suzanne and I were a little shy of taking pictures of the shoot, but Val Killmore, the director asked us if we could take pictures for them. They had forgotten to bring a camera.

A dramatic old building
Suzanne said that this building looked ‘dramatic’

The big wheel where the cars swing in loops as they go around.

The closest thing to an old-time funfair stall: on a disused patch of ground between to buildings on the broadwalk – an opportunity to shoot paint pellets at a live human target. We asked why we should want to shoot at the quiet young man who was sitting there. The barker replied: ‘If you were down there, he would shoot you!’

Later we walked on to Brighton Beach, which was more genteel by the sea, with a much busier Russian high-street. We went on to Alphabet City for a lovely meal with production copmany maven Jenn.

Suzanne: ‘Is it a rat garden?’

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