Not whining out on the Island

At Jean’s invitation, Suzanne and I took the Long Island Railroad out to Bellmore to visit the Long Island International Film Expo. We were a little late for the screenwriting panel. Sadly the panelists, representatives of Writer’s Bootcamp didn’t turn up. That meant a 45 minute gap in the schedule which was very ably filled by three short films:

A Relaxing Day was a conversation on a beach between two people: an actress and a barman. Their talk ranged from pilot season to the power of self-delusion to a choice between love and a career. 4/5

The Wine Bar featured a young man walking into and asking for a beer. Those in the bar judge him immediately. He strikes out with an attractive woman at the bar, but goes on to learn and teach a lot more about relationships than he or us in the audience expect. 5/5

Wonderful Wonderful explored eating disorders and the issues of control they bring up. The daughter who can’t control her starve/binge cycle and the family and friends she controls by her self-obession. 3.5/5

Bellmore bustle
We then wondered along the high street, soaking up the ‘non-New York’ atmosphere, which Suzanne and I had been looking forward to.

We then caught three more films: two shorts and a feature.

Afterwards we took the chance to explore further afield: just outside the border we found a bookshop filled with books. So many that it was difficult to walk between the shelves without knocking piles over. The books were jammed into the shelves so that it was difficult to get the books out to look at them. They were priced ‘not to sell’ – a book that was $13 fifteen years ago was only discounted to $8. To the owner all his books are collectors items. He didn’t seem to want to part with any of them.
Twice as many books as can fit on the shelves

On the way back to the station I said one too many things about film editing and my two friends snapped:

Give that boy a slap
Jean gave me a slap

A picturesque strangling
…and Suzanne strangled me.

Oh well. At least Suzanne managed to look a little wistful on the way back to Manhattan:
Whist anyone?

Suzanne’s message to the world is “Buy Buy Baby!”

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  1. Jean said:

    Hmmm, perhaps I should’ve slapped you a bit harder (just kidding)! Anyway, here is a little write up on Booklovers Paradise bookstore that we were visiting in Bellmore.. . There’s also a review of that Rockville Centre bookshop that I’ve mentioned to you (now called Odyssey Book Shop) as well as the Book Revue ( ) , a huge independent bookstore in Huntington. I’ll go to the latter, whenever I’m in that area.

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