Hungry for action

I collected my last New York City borough: the Bronx. Before we went there, we had a day on Museum Mile and Central Park.

A relaxing bus ride took us to the Upper East side. Suzanne went to the Jewish Museum, I went to the National Design Museum. We went into Central Park – hoping for a place to have lunch as well as to experience the views.

The Reservoir was very calm.

Sadly, the food selections we found weren’t so great. There were a few snacks at the tennis club, there was less at the nearby recreation centre. We bridged the gap with a banana each and made our way back to Central Park East and the Guggenhiem.

Looking up
Looking up from the ground floor

We wanted to be included as performance artists
Only performance art was missing – until we turned up

Throwing shapes
A piece that encouraged people to dance

As we left, I saw that New York’s outsourcing has gone a lot further than I imagined:
International sewer

Although we had a nice snack in the GuggCafé, we decided to follow a tip from Jenn: Little Italy in the Bronx. The trip started smoothly. The express subway train arrived quickly. We got up to 180th street easily. Although we seemed to miss two buses, another came two minutes later. Then there was a little wrinkle: we were told to go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to try some of the best Italian food in New York.

When we got off the bus, we found that Arthur Avenue was a back street in a poor area. We weren’t dressed correctly for this excursion. As I caught a bit too much sun yesterday, I was wearing trousers and a shirt for the first time in 40 days. Suzanne was covering up too. We felt more out of place than we wanted to be.

We walked four or five blocks south. We ran into a park. We asked advice in a local eatery. We had turned the wrong way a few blocks earlier. Luckily the correct northbound bus was there for us. A few blocks later, we were in Little Italy in the Bronx. Not long after that I sat down to a big plate of pasta:
Proper bacon!

Later we got a cab to the local overground line and soon found ourselves at Grand Central Terminal:
Where’s the station?

Suzanne: “Mum, I won’t go to the Bronx”


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