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Links covering a new application from Intelligent Assistance, legacy Final Cut Studio tools, a 3D future, Final Cut Pro X 10.1 update price, the Amsterdam Supermeet, a step towards black level understanding and a free plugin maker for Final Cut Pro X who is known for his unconventional plugin names…

Producer’s Best Friend

Intelligent Assistance have launched a new tool: Producer’s Best Friend – which is secretly an editor’s best friend too.

It extracts lots of useful information from Final Cut Pro X projects and events. Timelines are stored in projects, content is stored in events.

Although Producer’s Best Friend can report on the majority of information manipulated by Final Cut Pro, it is limited to the information that can encoded in Final Cut’s XML format.

One of the features I’m looking forward to in 10.1 is an update the the XML format to include much more timeline information. That would support lots of interesting third-party applications:

Don’t forget Final Cut Studio!

Oliver Peters wrote a post reminding us that as well as pushing Apple to improve Final Cut Pro X, we shouldn’t forget the tools still available to us in Final Cut Studio.

We can still make advanced DVDs in DVD Studio Pro, fix many problems with Soundtrack Pro, do advanced colour grading in Color. We can even use Final Cut Pro 7 to save GB of disk space using its still more advanced media management tools. Every once in a while I like to have a little more control over my audio that X can provide, so I turn to Soundtrack Pro to sort things out – even now that Logic Pro X has arrived.

I’ll deem Final Cut Pro X a full success once we never need to turn to Final Cut Studio again!


SceneKit is the part of Mac OSX that can be used to create, modify and display manipulate 3D models. Apple provides kits like these to make it easier for developers to add 3D animation to their Mac applications (this article shows some of what it can do – in iOS apps as well).

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My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday is three new free Final Cut Pro X plugins: Alex4D Pull Focus, Alex4D Transparent Blur and Alex4D Wide Angle Fix.

For more information and download links, visit my website:


Here are videos showing some of what they can do:

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For the last 19 days I’ve been regularly tweeting using a new Twitter account: Plug4D.


I’m using the account to post information on free Final Cut Pro X plugins: free effects, titles, transitions and generators. My 72nd tweet links to a 100th plugin.

I don’t know how many free plugins there are out there for Final Cut, but at this rate, I’ll be tweeting for at least another month before I need to repeat myself.

Thanks to for providing a forum where many plugin makers post links to free software for Final Cut Pro.

My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday free Final Cut Pro X plugin is a graphic generator: Alex4D Shape Grid.

It draws a grid of shapes and animates the colours over time.

Here are the controls:


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My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday free Final Cut Pro X plugin is a lower third title: Alex4D Leaves.

It blows the letters onto the screen to form the title, and then blows them off.

Here are the controls:


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My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday is a new kind of plugin – a transition that can be applied to more than two clips at once.

Alex4D Inset Transition is a special kind of title that has no text. Titles with no text are adjustment layers – when connected to a storyline, they effect all the layers below.

In this case the plugin animates a pair of shutters closing to hid the storyline below and then reopening. Here it is connected to the primary storyline so that it covers three clips:



When using the Close then Open option, you must make sure the Alex4D Inset Transition layer is centred over the edit between the two clips you want to transition between.

Here is a video showing most of its features:

As this plugin is implemented as a title effect, if you make changes to the clips it is applied to, you might have to adjust the duration and timing of the title to make the transition work. This extra work is the price for extra timing flexibility and flexibility in the number of clips the transition can be applied to.

Here are the controls:


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