Final Cut Pro X Free Effect Friday: Alex4D Random Move Horizontal plugin

My contribution to this week’s Free Effect Friday is a new free Final Cut Pro X title: Alex4D Random Move Horizontal.

For more information and download link, visit my website:


This title chooses a random order to move lines of text from off the edge of the screen to the other at randomly chosen speeds.

Although you can choose how much the animation of each line overlaps – whether the text moves one line after another, or more at the same time – In my video I used two copies of Alex4D Random Move Horizontal on the timeline to animate twice as much text in the same time.

Here is a video showing what it can do:

As well as the free Final Cut Pro X plugins at my site, there are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X blog archive page


Free Effect Friday

‘Free Effect Friday’ is an idea popularised by Here are links to lists of new free effects they published on Friday June 14Friday June 28, July 8thJuly 19thJuly 26thAugust 23 and September  6th.

On Fridays search for #FreeEffectFriday on Twitter to see who else is making free plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

  1. bruce said:

    a magnifique app!!! I was just waiting for something like this and used it immediately!
    Thanks man, you can use distort, crop ext. on it to! quick loading, quick playing.
    in one word: Great!

  2. Brian Ball said:

    do you ever sleep? THANK YOU Alex!

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