Free Effect Friday – Final Cut Pro X: Two new plugins

My contribution to this week’s Final Cut Pro X Free Effect Friday is two new plugins: Alex4D Blurred Coloured Glass and Alex4D Circle Tunnel.

They’re available from:

There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X blog archive page


Free Effect Friday

‘Free Effect Friday’ is an idea popularised by Here are links to lists of new free effects they published on Friday June 14Friday June 28,  July 8th, July 19thJuly 26th and August 23.

On Fridays search for #FreeEffectFriday on Twitter to see who else is making free plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

1 comment
  1. Brian Ball said:

    really digging the circle tunnel generator! I can see myself using this when creating psychedelic music videos, etc.! cheers Alex!

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