Final Cut Pro + iBooks Author + iTunes + Game Center = The Future of TV?

On the latest episode of the Critical Path podcast Horace Dediu and Moisés Chiullan talked about the future of TV. Horace said that he thinks that the future of TV is in applying software engineering tools to story and interactivity development. Apple have some tools that could achieve some of this.

  1. rd said:

    TV is a vehicle for advertisement and big 5 content companies
    to brain wash the masses.
    where in this picture do you see Apple fitting in.
    don’t say IOS ecosystem.
    Youtube has already done what you are describing
    which user generated content. Apple doesn’t even
    want that for icloud.

    • Alex said:

      I’m saying that if a few established film makers are attracted to Apple’s tools for making interactive content, or at least stories with extra elements as well as the narrative, Apple might not need to worry about the networks and long-term rights deals. If the new forms only work on iOS and OS X devices and become very successful, traditional media will come to the Apple ecosystem because that’s where the people will be.

      • rd said:

        H265 is not going to exclusive to Apple. Samsung owns the majority
        patents on that. FCPX is not going to democratize anything
        even if it would do the whole cutting for you.

        Companies are already afraid to sign with Apple for Cable content,
        yet you are talking about exclusive content.
        If that is what Apple wanted than they wouldn’t be in bed with Disney
        instead would be buying content exclusive for IOS.
        none of that is going to happen.
        TV people don’t want repeat what happen when music
        gave in to Apple.
        BBC is not allowed US IOS because of American Cable companies
        threatening them with expulsion of BBC America channel.
        That is how scared they are.

        Whole success of iphone was that Apple brought computing device
        to the phone which normal user could use.

        Where do you see a need for computing device on your TV.
        You could say combination of TV, Web and Game device
        but that is convergence more than computing.
        Main problem with TV is bundling of channels and expensive content
        (sports) which is subsidized by every user even if they don’t want sports.
        The Whole moving to the internet is trying escape from this model.

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