Premonition: Free Final Cut Pro X transition

This transition first shows a few frames of the incoming clip, then some of the outgoing clip, then the incoming clip and continues in varying patterns.

It re-creates the ‘cuts only’ scene transitions used in the early 70s in films such as ‘Easy Rider.’ By showing a few frames of the next scene a little while before it starts, the clip acts as a ‘premonition’ of what will happen next. It was also used with a musical cue in ‘Captain Scarlet’ – a kids TV series.

As well as using the incoming clip, there is also the option to use a frame from elsewhere in your primary storyline instead. You choose it by dragging a ‘Timeline Pin’ which appears when you select the transition:

Here are the controls:

There are six flicker patterns to choose from. They currently aren’t described in the pop-up menu. If you can suggest useful names, I’ll add them. Also, if you have ideas for patterns you’d find useful, comment below.

Pattern 1 shows the same small number of frames from the incoming clip at increasingly frenetic rate:

Pattern 2 shows an increasing number of frames:

Pattern 3 shows the same larger number of frames from the incoming clip more often:

Pattern 4 first shows a small number of frames from the incoming clip twice, then cuts to the incoming clip apart from showing a small number of frames from the outgoing clip a couple of times:

Pattern 5 is the same as pattern 4, but with a larger number of frames:

Pattern 6 is a straightforward premonition, it shows a few frames from the incoming clip, then stays showing the outgoing clip until the end of the transition:

Download the effect archive from here.

Expand the ZIP archive and add the folder to Movies : Motion Templates : Transitions : Alex4D :

If you don’t have Motion installed on your Mac and you’ve never installed any third-party effects, download the archive of the Motion Templates folder with the Premonition effect in the correct sub-folder. Expand the ZIP and put the resulting Motion Templates folder in the Movies folder of your home folder.

If you find this free plugin useful, you might like my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack:

Find out more about Alex4D Animation Transitions.

There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X page


  1. Eric S. said:

    Thanks so much for putting this together and also including how to get it installed in the file folders. I’m a new Mac user and new FCPX user and your site has been helping me immensely.
    I found your information on
    Thanks again,

  2. dc holland said:

    Is this plugin compatible with FCP7

  3. Idelfonso Gutierrez Moran said:

    Amazing website full of information about FCP X. Im still experimenting with FCP. I had a question about this Post and transition effect: does the transition also apply to the sound of both clips???

    • Alex said:

      No, there’s currently no way to create or control custom audio transitions – the audio always crossfades (unless you disconnect it first).

  4. Javier said:

    I have been looking for this transition for a good 6 months now. is there anyway for you to make another one with the whole variation like the end of the first one… Quick and fast without the build in the middle

  5. Javier said:

    i have been looking for this transition forever … one question, is there anyway you can create another similar to the end of Pattern. I need the whole transition fast without the first three skips.

  6. Hi there. What happens when i want to add your effects to my FCPX but I don’t have Motion (Never used it either). Thanks!

    • Alex said:

      You don’t need to have or have had Motion to use my plugins.

  7. Cece said:

    Hi I have this plug in and some others I was able to download before on my laptop but for some reason cannot download to a new computer system to use which I need for the faster graphics card at the moment. I know its been years since the last comment but still think its a great plug in and wondering if it still works for the latest FCPX? I don’t have motion but I tried downloading the MTT you link to and that doesn’t seem to work either anything else I can try? Thanks!

    • Cece said:

      I meant to say install I can download it but can’t seem to get it installed into FCPX this computer is a rental and so they delete and make it brand new user before I got it and then I put FCPX on it to use. I tried to create the folders like you wrote in movies and also downloading the MTT program it doesn’t seem to recognize the files or want to open them. I just need to get Premoniton and Bad TV installed for this at the moment. Is there any other way to install them without motion?

      • Alex said:

        The only way that Final Cut will use plugins is if the folder is in the correct place. The ‘Alex4D Premonition’ folder – which contains the ‘Alex4D Premonition.motr’ document must be in a category folder (such as ‘Alex4D’) in a ‘Transitions’ folder in the ‘Motion Templates’ folder in the ‘Movies’ folder of the home folder – the folder with the same name as the current user. MTT is an app that creates some of these folders if needed and then puts the plugin folder (‘Alex4D Premonition’) in the right place.

  8. Cece said:

    Thanks for the quick response I did see that MTT created the folders but didn’t place the plugin so I placed it myself inside the folders in that order as you stated. User > Movies > Motion Templates > Transitions > Alex4D > Alex 4D Premonition and then restarted the computer and FCPX but it still does not show up in my options. Not sure what is going on if there’s anything else you can suggest please let me know. At the least I hope if I reopen the project on my laptop they will pop up again I just don’t know if my laptop will handle this now that I added other effects to it that need the faster graphics card. Ill make a master file just in case to use if needed then I can drop it back in the laptop version where your plugins work fine! I think this Premonition one is one of the coolest thanks so much for making it!

    I am working on the same version of FCPX on the laptop but I believe I downloaded your plugins awhile ago and not sure what version I had could’ve been 7 so somehow they went into the right place and no issues like I’m having on this rental.

  9. Khori Francis said:


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