Slopegraph of Final Cut Pro X price changes

On Monday July 11, I tweeted the following:

#fcpx prices in $ UK: $288.94 US: $299.99 Euro zone: $342.35 Denmark: $344.02 Australia: $376.61 Japan: $434.22

Last night Apple changed the price of Final Cut Pro in three of those Mac App Stores. Here’s a slopegraph of the changes:

Slopegraph showing prices in Japan & Australia coming down and the UK going up so that prices are more similar in different parts of the world

The initial price spread was extreme. Japan was oddly expensive, and I’ve never known for any Apple product to be cheaper in the UK than the US.

Did Apple UK tell head office that given the lack of feature parity, sales would be tough? Did Japan say that price doesn’t matter?

What do you think?

  1. Oliver Busch said:

    Apple adjusted the exchange rates for several countries/regions. And currently there’s a really strong Yen and pretty weak Pound Sterling vs. the US-Dollar. These changes are mirrored in the iOS AppStore, too.

    • Alex said:

      The price variation we have now is understandable, but why was the price variation so high when the prices were set less than a month ago? It shows a very mechanistic calculation method – one that didn’t reflect the exchange rates at the time.

      • Oliver Busch said:

        When companies sell worldwide they usually have insurances that safeguard the company against exhange rate fluctuations (basically the insurance company guarantees a stable, predefined exhange rate). These insurances are pretty long-term. So maybe the term just expired and so it was neccessary to readjust the exhange rates. The last time I can remember Apple adjusting prices was years ago. Will be interesting to see if this has an effect to the prices of the new hardware purportedly coming next week.

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