Final Cut Studio: Faster help via your browser

The html-based documentation in Final Cut Studio applications is convenient to access and simple for Apple to keep updated. However Apple’s Help Viewer can be slow to show pages.

If you have the new Final Cut Studio installed, copy and bookmark these links to access the help systems using your favourite browser. Make sure you select the whole link, this blog can’t display multi-line links. Drag from the start of the link to the following blank line to make sure the whole link is selected – they all end with ‘index.html’

Final Cut Pro
file:///Applications/Final Cut


Soundtrack Pro

Soundtrack Pro Effects Reference


DVD Studio Pro
file:///Applications/DVD Studio


Cinema Tools

  1. Links don’t work. I copied and pasted into my browser.

  2. Alex said:

    The links require that you have the applications in the Applications folder, and that you haven’t renamed them. You probably also need to be the admin

    If you paste this into your browser

    file:///Applications/Final Cut

    does the applications folder open in the Finder with Final Cut Pro selected?

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