Which Final Cut with which QuickTime with which Mac OS X

Following on from Larry Jordan‘s intense, cool and informative Final Cut PowerUp tutorial event in London, the question came up: which version of Final Cut works best with which versions of QuickTime and OS X?

Larry gave the most important advice: If your system is working fine do not upgrade until you need a specific new feature.

Here’s a link to a blog post with a table showing which version works best with which version… It might be a year old, but it should help the majority of people out there.

I’ve had no problems with FCP 6.0.4, QuickTime 7.5.5 on OS X 10.5.4

Comment with your combinations that work well!

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  1. A number of factors are often at work. For example, I’ve had problems not with the version of QuickTime, but with QT components that were easily hidden. For example, I believe it was a DivX codec that interfered with my XDCAM-EX ingest, which survived an upgrade from 10.4 to 10.5 until I started again from scratch. Previously I had an ingest glitch that affected audio maybe caused by something called a Haxie that was hanging around from a previous installation.

    It’s not just the combos, it’s the ‘crud’ that builds up around the system over time. And the backup/restore process can sometimes restore stuff you really ought to get rid of, hence the universal panacea of pulling everything out and doing a clean install.

    The answer for some is to strip down your edit machine to a bare bones system, but it can be a Spartan existence. And what if your main machine is your edit machine? I’ll take the ‘middle way’ avoiding any installations during a job.

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