So here I am, gulping down the the ‘internet means no barrier to content distribution’ Kool-Aid when I read a contrary article over at a scurrilous tech ‘news’ site.

There I was, planning my own ongoing internet-hosted original drama series. I was going to workshop some ideas with some friends; write a tight 10 times three minutes pilot season; shoot it on my HD camera (in case NBC wants to pick it up); edit it on my Mac (not sure which software to use) and upload it for my future sponsor’s pleasure.

What if my subscribers had to pay for each download? What if ISPs went bust until the merged semi-monopoly ISPs started to charge for each megabyte streamed? What if that Web 1.0 verb (disintermediation) won’t apply in the Web 2.5 world?

Maybe I will have to forget the DIY ethos and move to LA and hope for a position in the CAA post room…

…or make sure my content is good enough to pay for. Let’s see, how much do Apple charge to download each $3 million episode of Lost?


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