Will 3D films be slower?

Two floating 3D rings

I see in Gizmodo that Japanese researchers have found a way of heating the oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create plasma balls in mid-air. This may be the first baby-step towards true 3-D projection.

I wonder what cuts will feel like in 3D films. What would editing conversations be like? How would you direct a person’s attention from one person to another? What if your films will need to be presented in the round? Would would a car chase be like? Or a space battle?

The audience have barely touched their coffee.

We know where people will be looking when we have a 2D canvas to work with. How long before we learn where people will look at 3D films? I imagine that we will have longer shots. We’ll need time for people’s eyes to move to the new point of focus. Editors thought the same when widescreen formats were introduced in the 50s. How long before audiences will become ‘literate’ in this new visual language?

The first to know the answer wins a prize!


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