Getting together out here

I envy the community over at That’s where you’ll find the host of a group of mailing lists that I’m subscriber to. I only lurk on these lists, for they are for professional cinematographers to “talk and exchange ideas about cinematography.”

Every night I receive digest emails summarising the current debates amongst camera assistants, those working on full-resolution digital productions, working cinematographers and those needing to understand post production issues. Emails representing a small subset of all the lists you can subscribe to at

“There’s something about Cinematographers, and the passion we bring to our work, that gives us a sense of being blood brothers. We have a love and admiration for each other, and a desire to help each other out” Conrad Hall ASC

It’s a pity that I haven’t found a similar place for editors to get together. What do editors need to ask each other? I guess we never need any help!

I suppose it’s up to us to create what we need.

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  1. I have always admired the Cinematography list. I always take the posts with a grain of salt, and try to look past the personality to get to the little nuggets of truth (whether it be workflow, new technology or just a little something to make the day a little easier to handle). Let me know if you find anything like that for editors. I’ve been following several blogs and that is as close as I’ve gotten, but there is something to be said for the give and take that erupts over a specific thread.

    – Chad Newman

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