20th Century Fonts

I used to digitise and design fonts. Here are three:

Roxanne type sample

I did some freelance design work at the Radio Times, the BBC’s TV and radio listings magazines. One of my jobs was to take the custom drawn swash caps of their display typeface and make it into a font that could be used in layout software.

Digital 2 type sample

For a conference countdown animation, I desgned a typeface that could be implimented using a LCD display. A few years later, someone from Otis emailed to say that he downloaded it as part of research into typefaces that could be used in lift displays.

Warp 1 type sample

I made this one by blurring the edges of a typeface in Photoshop, tracing the edges and turning the resulting outlines into a new typeface. I made the spacing between the letters deliberately odd.

Download them from here.

  1. IsadoraD said:

    downloaded, extracted, tried to install, got:”not a valid font file”, no results. Ideas?

    • Abe said:

      The first two files are 0 KB so it is obviously not a valid font file. If you wish to download free fonts you can get it from http://www.dafont.com

  2. Hey Alex,
    Just tried out your 4D Closing Credits + Fonts plug in. Once I change the text, I can’t make changes to color. Do I need to import my own fonts with this one?
    Just tried the 4D Closing Credits and changes to font do not take place.

    • Alex said:

      I’m not sure what the problem might be.

      There are four places to choose your fonts and colours. If you delete the ‘*’ in the sample text, the first and second font controls will have no effect. The third font and colour now apply, the section marked ‘Headings – text with no *’ If you change the font and colour chosen there, the text will change font and colour. If you add a ‘|’ character to the start of your text, you’ll need to use the ‘Headings 2 – starting with |’ section to choose your type spec. This is how you can have up to four different typefaces in the same credits scroll.

      If you didn’t delete the ‘*’ then I apologise for the longwinded incorrect explanation. When you make changes to the text, what are you changing it to?

  3. lorraine said:

    Hi Alex

    Can you tell me are we permitted to use the font
    ‘ warp 1 ‘ for commercial use??? we have got a free download of Warp-1.ttf which most websites that offer free fonts for macs have, but they have no license for use attached. We also have an older Warp 1 – FFIL version which I am not sure if it came with software or from a mac magazine.

    I did try your email alexgollner@project.com but that got bounced back to me and so freakfont.com gave me this address to contact.

    Many Thanks


    • Alex said:

      You can do whatever you like with these fonts except sell them. I’d also appreciate it if people don’t make them available to download from anywhere else. However, you can pass them between you and others in your design workflow – clients, printers etc.

  4. gesse said:

    I do not know the Latin and English, but thanks to google translator I can thank you for the contributions they have left in your blog
    I’m a fan of movies but I can not buy because you are Plun-gis are much expensive for me, so thank you very much for the contribution.
    if you want to give me some more I would greatly appreciate it
    health and thanks!

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