A London screening of my documentary

In less than five hours I’ll be getting up to go to JFK and back to London, eager to use my new-found abilities to change my life.

George Blackstone just sent me some good news: our documentary ‘The Things We Do for Love’ has been accepted into the Portobello Film Festival, and will be screened on Sunday 5th August at the Westbourne Studios. The good news is that the screening is free, and is part of a whole day of documentaries – that also includes ‘Love is the Devil’ a drama documentary about Francis Bacon featuring Derek Jacobi and Daniel Craig.

That gives me a deadline to finish my new and improved editor’s demo reel. George can’t be there, so I’ll be there representing both of us.

See you there!

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  1. Jean said:

    I hope you’re not planning to go to bed at 2 pm tonight! Otherwise you’ll really be dragging yourself around tomorrow morning before your flight! By the way, good luck with your screening!

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