Now for the future

As we’ve been putting our reels together in class, I’ve been spending less time on the blog, but here’s a link to a old entry that appears on my editing reel. A film I edited for Miles Maker in September 2005: Street Sense.

We had wonderful barbeque food and watched highlights from each other’s DVDs. Then it was over all too quickly. I hope that we all keep in touch – at least they have a place to stay next time they are in London.

You’ll be seeing the product of our labours soon on the web: The Manhattan Edit Workshop will be posting our reels on their YouTube page. I’ll post a link as soon as they go up.

Thanks to Josh, Jamie, Kim, Amber, Maurice, John, Mark, Kenya, Jason, Steve, Derek and Valentine for helping me learn so much more than I expected.

Now there are no more excuses – time to get that job!


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