Out on the stoop

I’m doing something pretty ostentatious: I’m sitting out front. On the front steps of the place I’m staying in in New York. These steps are sometimes referred to as ‘the stoop.’

The weather has cooled down a little – 29°C (84°F) is more than enough for today, and there’s a gentle breeze. I’m here waiting for Suzanne, who’s coming here for a short break from London. She’s having some screenings of her documentary ‘Out of Time’ at the Soho Shorts Festival in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow is the last day of the six week intensive course at Manhattan Edit Workshop. My next decision is how long I’d like to stay… What wonderful problems to have!

1 comment
  1. J said:

    Maybe you should get a pied-à-terre in NYC or a bedsit! Only kidding…

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