Brooklyn Nights

Over to NY Perks, a very nice venue in Brooklyn, for an evening of short films, including my friend Miles’s premiere of his second short film: Man Up. Got there just in time to be introduced to Jimmy Mar. He is the nicest nutter you could meet. He’s like a cross between Ice Cube and Kevin Smith, but scaled up to giant size. He’s one of the actors in Miles’s film. He and Mr. Robinson are developing a feature film that combines elements of ‘Do the Right Thing’ and ‘Friday.’

The first thing we saw was a trailer for a film with an unusual love triangle. Between a man, a woman and god…. The first short we saw was Squirrel Man by Jeffery Lynn Shepherd. This award winning short uses comedy and action to tell an age-old story in an original way. Once you see this film, you’ll never see feeding squirrels in the park in the same light.

Miles’s film, Man Up came next. It had the same themes as Squirrel man, but was just as unpredictable and original. I would be suprised if you could predict the ending of this one!

The third film was another award-winner: Gabrielle by Stephanie la Keem Jones. This touched on completely different themes – to do with fate and choice and taking the rough with the smooth. It had the feeling of a Twilight Zone episode…

The next projects therefore are the Jimmy Mar project, and a horror film that Miles has the ideal location for…

I also met the lovely Arie Thompson, who is launching an EP at a party next week in Manhattan. She seems like a real go-getter. She had an idea a few weeks ago, put it in motion, and next week she launches more music out into the world. I know it shouldn’t matter, but she’s even more beautiful in person.


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