Redonkulous deal memo

Jamie’s word of the week: Redonkulous. A fair description of the editor’s deal memo I’ve concocted. It’s for an imaginary editor with a lot of clout, because I was challenged not to leave anything out. Here is my attempt:

A huge deal memo

This is inspired by the course that I’m on, and by my friend Matt Davis, who’s helping me get more professional. I’ve been working as a freelance designer and editor for over seven years now, and have never needed any kind of contract. I’ve been very lucky with the clients I’ve worked with. The advantage of a document like this is that it codifies the agreement editors have with production companies.

That’s the health warning, it’s an approximation that is a good starting point for negotiation (once you’ve removed the clause about business-class travel to premieres)…

…for non deal-makers, at least you now have a new word to play with.


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