Links: Logic Pro X, animation, porn, Thunderbolt 2…

Links covering Logic Pro X, animation editing, Final Cut Pro X porn, Thunderbolt 2, XSan, plugin sharing, iMac video cards and the most prolific free plugin maker for Final Cut Pro…

Logic Pro X

Apple isn’t resting when it comes to updating Logic Pro X. The music production app was launched on July 16, even after a big bug fix  a couple of weeks ago, the 10.0.2 update has already appeared. To get the update, run the Mac App Store application.

The list of problems fixed so far:

Editing TV animation

Even amongst editors, the work of animation editors is mysterious. We know that in animation each frame counts, so we understand that editors must determine how shots will work together before they see the actual performances.

Judith Allen, who recently edited a children’s animation series for the BBC and worked on Aardman Animations Pirates! feature, is writing a series of blog posts going into detail on the workflow and responsibilities associated with editing a animated TV series.

Final Cut Pro X blessed by porn

As porn is an adjunct of the ‘oldest profession’, when it adopts a technology, it is big news. Printing, photography, film, VHS video and web video were all (il)legitimised when they were adopted by pornographers down the years. Shane Ross of pointed out a recent Craigslist job ad which includes the following:

“PLEASE we are looking for only FCPX editor not other systems, to speed up production process and maintain company style with custom plugins.”

Bad news for Adobe Premiere and Avid?

Thunderbolt 2 Hackintosh?

Back in June, most people were surprised when Apple announced that the new 2013 MacPro would include Thunderbolt 2 interfaces. Intel had only recently launched the technology stating that the first products would be available in January.

Ars Technica reports that the first Thunderbolt 2 product is available to order right now from NewEgg: a motherboard for those who want to build their own PCs.

Good news for those unhappy with Apple’s controversial feature list for this Autumn’s MacPro. Also good news for others who can now tell the first group to make their own Hackintosh with internal storage (10 SATA II ports) and swappable traditional video cards (two PCI Express 3.0 ports)!

The motherboard may only cost $349, but high-end CPUs and video cards will soon bump up the price to match the that of current MacPros.

Multiple editors sharing files and Final Cut Pro X effects

Logos software needs multiple editors to share clips on a Storage Area Network. Reuben Evans of Visuals 1st writes that Final Cut Pro X serves them very well. He also shares a tip on how to make sure everyone can share the same custom effects, transitions and generators.

Apple’s iMac video card replacement programme

Apple have announced a video card replacement programme for high-end configurations. This is in response to reported failures of AMD Radeon HD 6970M cards.

Free Final Cut Pro X plugin maker of the week

Although I’ve created over 60 free plugins for Final Cut Pro X, Fox Mahoney of Sight-Creations is more prolific – he’s at least 20 ahead of me.

This YouTube playlist is mostly videos demonstrating his plugins – the descriptions of which include direct download links.


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