MacPro GPUs vs AMD FirePro S10000

Here’s how a powerful AMD graphics card compares with what Apple has announced about the AMD FirePro GPUs in the forthcoming Mac Pro.

AMD FirePro S10000 2013 Mac Pro GPUs
Stream Processors 2 x 1792 2 x 2048
Memory Bus Width 2 x 384 bit 2 x 384 bit
VRAM 2 x 3 GB 2 x 6 GB
Single Precision 5.91 TFLOPS 7 TFLOPS (OpenCL)
Launch Price $3,599 ????
  1. rd. said:

    2*240 vs 528 Gbps total bandwidth.

    2*6 might be wrong. It could be 6GB total

    PS4 GPU 1.84 TFLOPS (18 compute, 1152 StreamProc, 72 Texture)

    • Alex said:

      2 x 6 GB was said in the keynote, but he had just mis-spoke about ‘Firewire 2’!

  2. rd. said:

    5.91 is calculated via 2 * 1792 * 825 MHz * 2 flops per cycle = 591

    so 2*2048*900*2 = 7.372 TFLOPS

    • Alex said:

      Thanks for the clarification, as you might have guessed, I don’t often compare graphics cards…

  3. rd. said:

    NVidia sells all it make of their top of the line GPUs (Tesla K20X).
    Most of which is used to build supercomputers.
    It has zero incentive to work with Apple on this kind of a thing.
    or even give discount on just selling chips.

    This should scare Nvidia because Apple can sell to supercomputer people.
    high frequency traders, data modelers, visualizations, pixar types.

    Microsoft should also be scared of this especially if it wants to go
    into hardware.

    Intel is down the third row in terms of horsepower.
    All the progress is coming from non-cpu tech.

  4. rd. said:

    Ok. So I went back to double check something
    and it seems FirePro W9000 matches Apple’s number exactly.
    which amounts to 8 TFlops if you use two of them.
    I just got confused with 2 GPU so I assumed S100000.

    So Apple will offer W9000 and W8000 for OpenCL people.
    probably W7000 which is only $900 non pros.
    All these cards came out last year in August.

    so basically Apple will let you buy 6 core E5 to get the price even lower
    with minimal SSD.
    so the prices shouldn’t be any different for base model with an ssd than
    the current base model.

  5. az said:

    Just because mac pro has two w9000’s doesnt mean it has 2x performance. It uses crossfire which is really inefficient and makes you prone to microstutter frames in 3d applications. and the performance gain is close to 40 – 50% realistically. Double cards like the s10000 are inefficient too, however not as much as two w9000’s.

    you’re best going with a s10000 for less microstutter because it is a real pain in the ass and noticable.

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