Final Cut Pro X: Use Compressor presets as Share Destinations

Over at the forum, a user named ‘parchabg’ was trying to get better results when exporting interlaced PAL from Final Cut Pro X. I suggested using Apple Compressor’s ‘DV Stream’ setting. It allows control over interlace field order.

If you use a Compressor preset very often, you can use that preset as a Share Destination from within Final Cut Pro X.

Compressor keeps presets in .setting files.

If these .setting files are in

Your user name/Library/Application Support/Compressor/Settings/

…you can use them within Final Cut Pro X.

I haven’t bought Compressor 4, I still use Compressor 3.5.3. It stores its .setting files in a place that Final Cut Pro X cannot see: Your user name/Library/Application Support/Compressor/

That means if there’s a .setting file I want to use in Final Cut Pro X, I need to move it into a sub-folder named ‘Settings’:

custom compressior settings location

To add a Compressor setting as a destination, go to the Share submenu of the File menu. Choose ‘Add Destination’. Double-click the Compressor Settings icon:

double-click for new compressor settings dest

The dialogue box that appears shows the Compressor presets stored in .setting files:

choose setting you want

Choose the preset you want as a new Share destination and click OK. Once you close the Preferences dialogue, a new item appears in the Share menu: your new Share Destination:

new submenu entry

No Compressor 4 needed

If you need a custom destination but don’t have Compressor, you can copy custom .setting files from people with Compressor and this technique still works. This is because Final Cut Pro X includes all the code required to run these presets.

If you’d like to try this PAL DV Stream preset, you can download it from here.

  1. Wayne said:

    Great. Thanks! I share a pro-res output and then use compressor to convert it to 4 different formats. I assume FCPX would be less efficient at converting it to these different outputs all at the same time or in a batch, Or is there some batch setting in FCPX I haven’t found.

    • Alex said:

      You can export to different formats using a single Destination.

      In the screenshot above you can see the ‘Bundle’ icon. Double-click it to create a folder of destinations which act as a batch command.

      You can either create new Destinations to go into the Bundle, or Option-drag existing Destinations into the Bundle to add copies.

  2. Parchabg said:

    Hi Again Alex4D
    I confirm that The DV stream settings workflow worked perfectly for me!
    10x for all you help and Best advise!
    Keep Going!!!!

  3. qbe said:


    did you have HD as source? Im having bad luck downscaling interlaced material in FCPX. Progressive is very nice, but interlaced is very blurry.

    If you had HD source, how was the final output using this method?

    thank you

  4. ardalahmet said:

    Thanks a ton Alex! This saved my day.

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