Free Final Cut Pro plugin: Alex 4D Grow-Shrink effect

This Final Cut Pro X effect animates a change in scale for a clip. It defaults to increasing the size of a clip by 5% over the lifetime of the clip. This kind of ‘creep in’ is useful for adding a little subliminal interest to stills and titles.

You can also choose a centre point for the scaling to happen around. This helps to zoom in on an interviewee, or zoom out from a specific part of the frame.

Here are the controls:

Start Scale and End Scale: The effect defaults to starting at 100% (Start Scale: 0%) and scaling up to 105% (End Scale: 5%). To scale from 110% to 75%, use Start Scale: 10% and End Scale: -25%.

Curvature: the shape of the animation curve. 0% will use the same speed to change scale throughout the clip. 100% will start to scale gradually, then scale at full speed and slow down towards the end of the clip. This simulates the way a camera operator would zoom in or zoom out of a clip.

Start Scaling Late and Start Scaling Early control for how much of the lifespan of the clip the scaling happens.

Centre Point: You can set this using an on-screen control

Using these controls:

The clip will scale from 150% of its normal size  down to 50% of its normal size, the 100% curvature means it will start scaling slowly scale quickly and finish scaling slowly. The scaling will start after 10% of the duration of the clip on the timeline and finish at half the duration of the clip. The clip will scale around a point to the left and above the centre point of the clip:


Download the installer


If you find this free plugin useful, you might like my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack:

Find out more about Alex4D Animation Transitions.

There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X page

  1. Oh my, this is a really neat, subtle and useful one :-)) THANKS alex. Brilliant !

  2. T. Payton said:

    Alex. Great job. Using this on finishing up a student feature. Used it hundreds of times. Incredible time saver.

  3. Etu said:

    This sounds great! Do you know a similar plugin for Fcp 7?

    • Alex said:

      Sadly no.

      It’s been so long that I’ve created any Final Cut Pro 7 effects it would take me too long to learn how to do make one for you.


    • Alex said:

      Click ‘the installer’ in the text ‘Download the installer’ above or Click the ‘Alex4D Grow-Shrink’ installer icon.

      • Woohoo, Alex, I’m here in Aug 2018! Gonna download this from being inspired by Ryan Welborn’s recent tweet that he uses this plug-in. 🙂

  4. Hmmm not seeing it in FCPX after it says it was successfully installed. Probably not compatible with High Sierra 10.13.5, FCPX 10.4.3?

  5. Bob Wilson said:

    Works fine on macOS 10.14.5 & FCPX 10.4.6. Shows up under Effects, and once dragged on an image, controls appear in Video Inspector.

  6. Philipp Melchers said:

    This is the most important 3rd party Plug In for fcpx period. Apple should buy this for a couple of (10) thousand dollars and integrate it asap. :))

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