Free Final Cut Pro plugin: Alex4D Concentric transition

In this Final Cut Pro X transition the incoming clip is divided up into a series of concentric shapes which fade in over the outgoing clip. You can choose from circles, triangles, squares and polygons with more sides. You can also control the width between each shape, the softness of the edges amongst other settings

Here are the controls:

Here are some examples of different results using this transition:

Centre: There is also an on-screen control to set the centre point for the shapes. You can keyframe this to animate the centre during the transition.

Shape: Choose between Circles and Polygons.

Number of Sides: Starting with 3 for a triangle. This value can be keyframed.

Angle: For each polygon. This value can be keyframed.

Width: The distance between each concentric shape.

Animate: Positive values increase the size of the shapes as the transition progresses, negative values decrease the size of the shapes. For short transitions, values of less than 20 work best

Boundary Softness: 0: No anti-aliasing, 1: The default hard boundary, 50: Softest border

Centre Hole: The radius of a hole in the centre of the shapes where the incoming clip fades in over the outgoing clip

Centre: -0.53, -0.22, Width: 69

Shape: Polygon, Number of Sides: 3


Centre: -1, 0 (off left edge of screen), Shape: Polygon, Number of Sides: 4

Boundary Softness: 50
Centre Hole: 380


Download this disk image:

It includes an installation script for Spherico’s Motion Template Tool application, if you don’t have it on your Mac, download it. It is a freeware/donationware tool that simplifies effects installation for Final Cut Pro X users. MTT installs effects for Final Cut Pro X in the correct folders, creating them if need be. You don’t need to have Motion 5 or MTT installed for these effects to work.

Once you have MTT installed on your computer, double-click the ‘Install Alex4D Concentric 1.0.mtt’ file.

If you don’t want to use MTT, install these effects in Home / Movies / Motion Templates / Transitions / Alex4D:

If you find this free plugin useful, you might like my Alex4D Animation Transitions plugin pack:

Find out more about Alex4D Animation Transitions.

There are many more free plugins on my Final Cut Pro X page



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