Motion 5 Tip: Access to FCP X built-in templates

A good way to learn Motion 5 is to analyze the many effect, transition, title and generator templates built into Final Cut Pro X.

You can do this inside FCP X by control- or right-clicking the template and choosing ‘Open a Copy in Motion’ – but there’s a quick way to get access to nearly all the built-in effects in Final Cut Pro (the ones implemented using Motion).

In the Applications folder control- or right-click the Final Cut Pro application and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu:

Open the sub-folders in Final Cut Pro X so that the contents of ‘Final Cut’ is visible:

The Motion templates that implement the effects, transitions, titles and generators in Final Cut Pro are in the ‘Templates’ folder. Use option-drag to make a copy of the whole folder elsewhere on your computer. Don’t forget to rename the Templates folder to something like ‘Motion Templates built-in’

Check out my free effects and articles on my Final Cut Pro X home page.

  1. Really no reason to dig into the application package as all these projects are available directly in Final Cut Pro X’s browsers, where they can be opened as copies in Motion.

    • Alex said:

      I find this more convenient than making lots of copies of Motion files that I then need to move out of the Motion Templates folder. Perhaps I should suggest making a copy of the folder and not mention the Alias option.

      I bet many people would like there to a Cross Dissolve template to modify so that becomes the default command-T transition.

  2. Hi Alex. Gabe from Crumplepop pointed me to this thread. If you do modify default transitions and such, make sure you back up your work elsewhere on your machine or else a FCPX update could wipe out your modification.

    • Alex said:

      I agree. This sort of access is really about not creating a load of duplicates every time you just want to have a look at how the ‘official’ effects are implemented – even though some have a few faults!

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