Embedding HD video: YouTube vs. Vimeo

In which I provide a link that compares HD video web page embedding options.

The design of this blog means I can’t show how large HD video embeds can be on web pages you control can be. This (non-designed*) page on my site compares size and quality between YouTube and Vimeo HD video.

The maximum embed size for YouTube is 853 by 480 and the service is free. If you pay $60 for the Vimeo ‘Plus’ service, you get 25,000 HD embedded plays at 1280 by 720.


A still from the HD video embedded on my site using both YouTube and Vimeo.

*I still avoid any HTML features more modern than tables

  1. Dustin said:

    Sorry, what is the song in the Phosphor Park video? It is lush!

    What are your conclusions about vimeo vs youtube encoding?

    I’ve found encoding of the source file to the maximum bitrate allowable for the length of the file tends to help but this has to be balanced in consideration to the longer load time.

    The visual quality seems to be better on vimeo, but youtube gets you more eyeballs with their larger userbase and automated video suggestions.

  2. Alex said:

    It is Asthma (Fila Brazillia mix) by Phosphorus.

    I suppose YouTube is that little bit more convenient – as they don’t charge for their HD embeds, I don’t have to worry about them running out. Every few weeks I’ll have to go to the Vimeo site to see how many embedded plays I have left and make a judgement whether I want to leave these files available here to play.

  3. Dustin said:

    I suppose youtube is convenient in that regard but I don’t see them being able to sustain the infrastructure cost indefinitely. Vimeo is ultimately more feature rich but less trafficked, so to speak.

    The stumble upon factor is much higher on youtube, but the median quality of videos on vimeo is significantly higher.

    By the way I have to say, your plugins are fantastic and I really appreciate that you give them away for free. In case you have not been thanked properly, a very hearty thank you from me.

    How do you decide on the type of plugin to do? Do you look for gaps which the existing market has not filled, or do you design ones that you find yourself requiring for work?

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