Final Cut tip: The flash frame transition you already have

In which I show how to use the Final Cut ‘Dip to Color Dissolve’ transition effect to produce a camera flash between shots.

My friend Matt asked if I could create a flash frame transition plugin. Sometimes he likes to start a new shot with a flash of white that fades away very quickly as if a camera flash went off. He currently adds a six frame white colour matte on a higher channel and adds a dissolve transition:
Using a colour matte to create a flash frame

It turns out that you can modify the settings of a built-in transition to make a flash frame transition.

1. Add a standard ‘Dip to Color Dissolve’ transition:
A 'Dip to Color Dissolve' transition applied between two clips

These are the standard settings:
The default settings for 'Dip to Color Dissolve'

2. Change the sliders and colour so the transition controls look like this:
'Dip to Color Dissolve' settings changed to make a flash frame

Threshold sets the point of the transition where the colour fills the screen. The default of 50 makes it appear at the midpoint of the transition. If set to 0, the transition will start with the colour you choose.

Soft defines the amount of time the colour fills the screen. The default of 100 makes the colour appear for a single frame – setting it to 0 will make the colour appear for the full duration of the transition. With a short transition duration, a value of 80 will make the white flash stay for two frames before fading away.

3. Change the duration and transition alignment as follows:
Modifying the duration and alignment of a transition

Your timeline should now look like this:
The modified 'Dip to Color Dissolve' transition on the timeline

4. If you want to use this transition elsewhere in your project and in other projects, drag the modified transition from the timeline to the Favorites folder in the Effects tab of the project window. You can then rename it if you like:
Renaming a transition favourite

A renamed transition favourite

5. When you apply this transition, drag on top of the front of the clip you want to add the flash to:
The 'Flash Frame' transition favourite applied to a clip on the timeline

  1. Victor said:

    Thanks! Love finding new uses for stuff that’s already there.

  2. Cian said:

    Thank you soo much, this helped greatly 😀

  3. Andy MacLarty said:

    I assume you are referring to the same Matt I know.
    Thanks for this excellent tip, it really makes a big difference.

  4. anna said:

    thx a lot. saved loads of time 🙂

  5. LV said:

    thanks for this great tip!

  6. Good day Alex,

    some wonderful things here and I have used some of them with great pleasure, such as you Move plugin so I could add logos to an endscroll.

    This flash idea is fine, but I have some scaled footage and I cannot scale down the crossover, hence I resorted to the Matte version which works just fine.

    Cheers from Hilversum, Netherlands


    Paul Delcour

    PS love London and hope to visit it again soon

  7. Wnd said:

    Thanks, flash effect is something I missed from Sony Vegas. I really like the snappy user interface in Final Cut.

  8. Jo said:

    Cheers mate…that was useful…!!!!

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