Create an iPhone version of your blog

Before the iPhone 3G phone came out in July, people created web applications and website designed for the iPhone. It’s still possible.

In fact, if you have a blog, you can use use to generate a version of your blog designed to be easier to read on an iPhone or Android-powered phone.

All you need is your RSS feed (mine was ‘’) and a couple of icons. The first will be displayed on the phone when people visit the iPhone/Android version of your blog:

Use a version of your blog logo that is 100 pixels square.

The second is set up so that if someone adds the phone version of your blog to their list of applications (using the ‘+’ button in Safari for example), a 57 by 57 pixel version of your blog logo will appear as the icon:

If your main blog host doesn’t allow advertising, you have the option to add advertising to your mobile blog if you sign up for a pro account (for $3.95 a month).

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  1. Kit said:

    Before you start, if you want to see what your website currently looks like on an iphone but don’t have one, you can try the iphone simulator

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